Kolkata welcomes Cheers Group!

Dr. Mohan Krishna led, Cheers group, one of India’s most trusted Single-malt and Scotch whisky brands, launching its award-winning flagship brands in the city of joy, Kolkata. With the launch in Kolkata it is set to win hearts of patrons with its renowned world known high-end spirit brands.

To celebrate the launch of its flag-ship brands, Cheers group has introduced an exclusive inaugural offer on its products.

Balivada, the ultimate expression of ‘Malt de Goa’ Single malt whisky in a spectacular decanter bottle is meant to evoke the high-spirits. It’s a celebration of history of finest malt whisky– distilled in copper pot stills and aged in oak barrels. Balivada Indian single-malt whisky consists of only the rarest and most opulent Single-malts from extraordinary reserves held in the warehouses at Cheers group’s Imperial Distillers, Kundaim, Goa which sits at a bespoke destination overlooking the Mandovi River.

“Balivada, special edition ‘Malt de Goa’ single-malt whisky shows character well beyond its age, derived after the natural evaporation – the angel’s share. It’s gloriously smooth that leaves you speechless, priced at Rs 2530/- for a 750ml exquisite Decanter” says Ashwin Balivada, Executive Director, Cheers group, who mastered Business Management from Cambridge University.

The most award winning, Three Monkeys Indian Single-malt whisky gift pack, promises to be your perfect company for a relaxed evening, contains a 750 ml bottle and a complimentary rare exclusive whisky glass tumbler at a launch offer of Rs 1890/- only.

The Three Monkeys Single Malt whisky is steeped in rich traditions and the national pride of India. And, the free glass offered is worthy enough of such a fine spirit made of the highest quality ingredients and distilled to perfection. Voila! It’s also been awarded as the “Best Indian Single-malt whisky”.

“Promises to take your taste buds on a global adventure, introducing, The Great One Sun, a high-end whisky that offers a unique blend of flavours from different continents, making it a proper world tour in a bottle” claims Dr. Divya Balivada, Global Creative Director of Cheers group, who acquired business talent from Edinburgh University Scotland.

The Great One Sun whisky is a delicate fusion of high-quality aged Scotch-malts from the misty highlands of Scotland and aged Kentucky Straight Bourbon whisky from the US. Meticulously blended with other premium international spirits with superior Indian grain spirits, this exceptional concoction offers a taste that transcends boundaries and exemplifies craftsmanship at its finest for Rs 1770/- an exclusive 750ml bottle.

Gin Sin is booming, which confirms the trade buzz. And, while few figures exist to back up the accelerated growth, the anecdotal evidence for Gin Sin development is ultimate “it’s only the consumers that decide”. No wonder “Gin Sin” wins medals the world over for its quality and superior packaging.

Tasting notes of Gin Sin include tingly juniper, orange zest, soft salinity, and a dry, spicy finish. Crafted using unique botanicals, showcases a flavor profile with notes of mint, lavender, citrus, sea salt, and aniseed. Additionally, the gin’s base spirit is derived from triple-distilled super premium neutral spirit, which lends it a silky texture. Priced at Rs 1200/- for an amazing Black bottle with Goan honey inside matters a lot!

Maltage aged malt whisky, 100% all-natural “Indian single-malt blended” premium whisky with no added flavors is amazing. It’s a distinctive hand-crafted whisky born out of Master Blender’s passion for whisky-making. An outstanding whisky blended to perfection for that full-bodied, smokey character recognized and rewarded the world over.

Maltage “Gift-pack” with a free glass tumbler, comes with a story telling theme on the brand’s packaging, with the whisky-making process tale represented on the whisky’s mono-carton and label with all illustrations, at a great offer price of Rs 980/- for 750 ml gift pack.

Dr. Krishna got emotional and said Kolkata is very close to his heart as his first schooling started in Fort William Kendriya Vidyalaya. Wow! Bengal will enjoy all the prize winning brands. Ahoy. Cheers!