Rahul Gandhi taunts BJP’s promise of making backward caste leader as CM in Telangana

Hyderabad: Taunting the BJP over its promise to make a backward caste leader as chief minister in Telangana, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday asked how can the saffron party do so when it is going to get only a meagre percentage of votes.

Addressing a poll rally at Kalwakurthy in Telangana, he said BJP leaders used to swagger about their chances in the state. However, the Congress had “punctured” the four tyres of BJP’s vehicle in Telangana, he claimed.

“You will get two per cent votes here and how can you make a chief minister,” he said.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah had recently announced in a poll rally regarding making a backward class leader as CM if the BJP came to power in Telangana after the November 30 assembly polls.

Gandhi further taunted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi would go to the US and say that he will make an OBC President in America.

“You will neither be able to make a President in America nor a Chief Minister here (Telangana),” he said.

He reiterated his allegation of a tacit understanding between Congress and the ruling BRS in Telangana.

There are ED and CBI cases against all opposition leaders and that there are 24 cases against him, he said.

The Congress leader further said his Lok Sabha membership was cancelled and the government house given to him was taken back. He had happily returned the house, he said.

The whole of India and the whole of Telangana is his home, Gandhi said.