Skill University to come up city: CM

Hyderabad: Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy has ordered officials to make swift arrangements for establishing a Skill University in the state. The CM has asked officials and industry leaders to present clear proposals for the university’s establishment a day or two before the start of the state Assembly’s budget session by the end of this month. The government will decide within 24 hours after reviewing the proposals.

At a meeting held at the Engineering Staff College in Gachibowli on Monday, the CM discussed skill development with representatives from various industrial units. Deputy CM Bhatti Vikramarka, IT and Industries Minister D Sridhar Babu, and Advisor to the Chief Minister Vem Narender Reddy also participated. The CM sought views and opinions from officials and industry figures regarding the establishment of the Skill University.

The Chief Minister proposed establishing the Skill University within the premises of the Engineering Staff College, considering its proximity to IT companies and other industries. He directed officials to assess the feasibility of this location. Additionally, CM Revanth Reddy and the officials discussed forming a Board for the Skill University modeled after the International School of Business (ISB) and decided to create a temporary board.

The CM suggested that officials prepare a blueprint for the courses to be offered, including the curriculum, industrial needs, and employment opportunities for youth. It was decided that the Industry Department, in coordination with the Education Department, would engage with industry leaders to develop a clear action plan for setting up the Skill University. A report needs to be submitted before the assembly budget session (before July 23).

The Skill University is envisioned as a public-private partnership (PPP) project, designed to be self-sustainable. The proposed hub will be located in the city, with spokes in each former district headquarters, eventually covering all parliamentary constituencies. The meeting emphasized that industry would play a critical role in demand assessment, curriculum development, skill training, and offering internships, while the government would facilitate necessary regulatory approvals, provide land and buildings, including existing facilities like ESCI and NAC, and create a corpus fund with CSR donations from industry.

The Chief Minister emphasized that the main objective of setting up the Skill University is to provide advanced knowledge and upgrade the skills of the youth. Deputy CM Vikramarka has been tasked with overseeing financial matters, while IT and Industry Minister Sridhar Babu will oversee the preparation of the curriculum and courses. The two ministers have been asked to formulate proposals with a fixed deadline and meet every five days, as the assembly session will commence in 15 days.

The CM also directed officials to determine whether the Skill University should be established through a private partnership with the government or if the government alone will take responsibility. Officials have been instructed to hire a reputable consultancy to prepare all necessary proposals and project reports for the establishment of the Skill University. The CM announced that the Department of Industries will be the nodal agency for the university.

Special Chief Secretary to IT and Industry Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary to Education B Venkatesham, CM Special Secretary Ajith Reddy, Vishnuvardhan Reddy, Dr. Reddy’s Lab Chairman Satish Reddy, Hari Prasad from Bharat Biotech, CREDAI President Shekhar Reddy, and Srini Raju (I Labs) were also present at the meeting.

Before the meeting, CM Revanth Reddy inspected the convention center under construction at the Engineering Staff College for over 20 minutes and inquired with officials about the facilities being provided in the center.