Central forces check KCR campaign vehicle in Karimnagar

Karimnagar: On Thursday, the election commission deputed the central force even did not even spare the state Chief Minister Kalwakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao’s vehicle.  This indicates the Election Commission’s resolve to ensure free and fair polls.

The elections are scheduled on November 30, and the election commission’s squads intensified their checking as the money or any other lures can only happen during the last two days before the poll date.  This was an attempt to prevent any untoward incidents and incidents that tempt the voters.

But here is an incident that proves that even the Chief Minister is not an exception to these actions.

The central election forces inspected the Pragathi Ratham bus used by the Telangana Chief Minister for his election campaign.

As part of the election campaign, Chief Minister KCR was supposed to visit Manakondur of Karimnagar district on Monday. In this order, the central election forces inspected the bus he was using. This surprise check happened while the Pragathi Ratham bus was proceeding towards the Sabha premises.  The central forces thoroughly inspected the bus near the Gundlapalli tollgate here.