Odds in favor of BRS!  

(D Nagarjuna)

Karnataka results have disturbed the apple cart of the BJP in Telangana. Results of ensuing elections in other states may or may not consolidate INC’s strength, further weakening the BJP. In the political melee, BRS is also facing tremors of mild scale but not to be brushed away lightly. People of Telangana appear to be focused and have clarity after seeing all the developmental activities that have taken place and that are very much tangible, be they irrigation projects, continuous power, and water supply, increase in greenery, or better health facilities to cite a few instances since the last nine years.

This, despite all the unproven allegations. Telanganites don’t want to get into the conundrum of confusion created by BJP and INC and BRS does not want to be left behind in beating slang with slang as people expect that to happen. There always seems to be a competition of how demeaning, vulgar, indecent, and cheap one can be to win more points between the three political parties and leaders. When you ask these leaders about the reason for such necessity, they point out the demand people make for such an approach. To keep INC at bay, BJP has given clarity that it would helplessly prefer BRS to win even if it hates the latter. 

Conversely, BRS is creating an atmosphere of chaos and confusion whether it is a B Team of BJP or INC. Both accuse each other of having unholy nexus with BRS. BRS doesn’t object to this confusion so undecided people in BJP and INC would prefer not to waste their vote and go lock, stock, and barrel with BRS. There is a strong possibility of this happening. The infighting within INC and BJP is more intense than the little cribbing that BRS has among its leaders. 

All said and done, the cost of buying B form will be higher in BJP and INC as they succeeded in creating a euphoria of each other winning with a thumping majority. So, the stakes are high for these two parties even though neither of them has any chance to make it to the saddle. BRS is strong and well-prepared to give out B forms without confusion. The dissension may also be on a lower key compared to the two losing national parties. 


 Though the BRS party may be accused of promoting dynastic rule, people do not think so because they know that whether it is KTR or Harish Rao, or Kavitha, all are there based on their merit duly recognized by the people in electing them. The envy of the entire family being politically meritorious is difficult to digest but then as long as people support this, the allegation of family perpetuation will not hold water. 


People will compare the capabilities of Amit Shah and Jai Shah or for that matter that of Lokesh and his father in the neighbouring state. This comparison as an example will convince the people of Telangana that the dynasty here is far better than the other dynasties in other states as well as the Centre. The question arises when we can have a family of engineers and doctors, why not politicians, as long as they are voted favorably by the people? People are seeing through the double standards of BJP as well as INC, particularly Revanth crying over family rule, etc. 

 Last, but not least, BRS is convinced that it would be a loss for the people of Telangana if BJP and INC are desperate to somehow come to power, even if it means having the strangest bedfellows. BRS no more thinks that an enemy’s enemy is a friend. It treats both of them equally whether they are open enemies or clandestine friends. 

 BRS will support any party which bags the majority in Lok Sabha and support both the ruling and opposition purely on issues that can help in the growth of Telangana. (The author’s views are his personal and not of the website)