KTR targets Congress led Telangana govt on paddy procurement

Hyderabad: KT Rama Rao, leader of the Bharat Rashtra Samiti (BRS) and former state minister, criticized Telangana Chief Minister Revanth Reddy, alleging that the Congress party ascended to power through deceit, especially by making false assurances to farmers and young individuals.

In his denouncement of the state’s Congress government, Rao emphasized its preoccupation with political maneuvers rather than addressing crucial matters concerning farmers and employment.

“Revanth Reddy pledged to generate 200,000 jobs within a year. Five months have elapsed, and yet the Congress administration has yet to fulfill this promise. These false assurances exemplify the deceitfulness of the Congress towards the people,” remarked Rao.

Highlighting the plight of farmers, Rao pointed out ongoing protests in regions like Kamareddy and Nizam Sagar Mandal due to the government’s negligence in purchasing agricultural produce.

He urged immediate action from the government to procure the produce and warned against the repercussions of electing opportunistic individuals who manipulate the system for personal gain.

Discussing the Nalgonda-Khammam-Warangal graduate MLC election, Rao underscored the BRS’s track record of service and endorsed its candidate, Rakesh Reddy, as a competent representative.

“We urge the electorate not to fall for the empty promises of the Congress. Instead, vote for progress, vote for BRS,” urged Rao, citing the establishment of three medical colleges in Nalgonda under the KCR-led government as a testament to their commitment to development.

Earlier, on May 4, Rao took a swipe at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, asserting that he was oblivious to Revanth Reddy’s divergence from his directives.