Telangana BJP leader Jithender Reddy’s “Bull treatment” tweet irks party

Hyderabad: Senior BJP leader and former Lok Sabha member AP Jithender Reddy’s tweet along with a video in which a man is seen kicking a Yak on the rear with a caption saying Telangana party leadership also required the same treatment sparked a row in the party.

“This treatment is what’s required for BJP Telangana leadership,” the National Executive Member of the BJP said in the tweet on Thursday tagging the party’s senior leaders Amit Shah, Sunil Bansal, BL Santhosh and the party’s headquarters.

In another tweet, Reddy tried to explain the meaning behind the tweet saying the video is to show Telangana BJP chief Bandi Sanjay’s attempt to tell what kind of treatment should be given to those questioning his leadership and the idea was misunderstood.

Some of the reported comments allegedly made by Telangana BJP leaders during the last few days, including Reddy’s tweet drew sharp rebuttal from the saffron party saying “This kind of unruliness and indiscipline is unacceptable in our party.” Also there were reports in a section of the media suggesting that senior leaders Etala Rajender and Komatireddy Raj Gopal were not happy with the state leadership.

“I strongly condemn the random, unwarranted and damaging media leaks and public statements being made by some leaders in our party. They seem to be forgetting the party they are currently representing. BJP is not Congress or BRS. BJP doesn’t have the culture or a system of indulging in public criticism of the party and its leadership,” K Krishna Sagar Rao, chief spokesperson of Telangana BJP said in a statement.

Almost all leaders who are making these statements are members either in top state or national committees of the party, and have plenty of opportunities to express their discontent, if any, he further said.

Personal agendas cannot override the party agenda. These leaders must know there’s a ‘Lakshman Rekha’ in the party, he advised.

“Making irresponsible and unwarranted statements against the party and its leadership are to openly exhibit an intention to damage the party. This kind of unruliness and indiscipline is unacceptable in our party,” he added.

Recently, Rajender and Komatoreddy met the party’s senior leadership in the national capital.