Bonalu festivity pushes Liquor sales to New-high!

 Hyderabad: The annual Bonalu festival, culturally rich and adored across the Greater Hyderabad limits of Telangana state, has begun.


The celebration is customary to offer the ‘first’ Bonam to Goddess Jagadamba Mahankali on top of the Golconda fort. In fact, before the formation of Telangana state, the Golconda Jagadambika Ammavari fair was held with very few people, but today more than one lakh people partaking in the two day festivities. 


Discover the captivating celebration of Bonalu, a traditional festival deeply rooted in the rich history and culture of Hyderabad. Bonalu has great significance as this vibrant festival brings together devotion and jubilation in the city of pearls.


Ashada, the months of July-August and the monsoon, in Telangana, it is time for Bonalu, a festival that celebrates Mahakali and seeks the goddess’ protection for the populace, against diseases and malign forces. The word “Bonalu” comes from the Telugu word for meal or feast. Needless to say, food performs a vital role in the festivities. 


Nowhere is this more evident than in conjunction with the highlight of the Bonalu festival: the Ghatam procession. A Ghatam is a decorated pot that is believed to contain the goddess’ presence. It is carried by women who balance it on their heads, as they dance and perform rhythmic movements to the beat of drums and music.


Bonalu Bonanza: Food and Drinks festival indeed. The daily collection of cash through the sale of liquor at the bars, and wine shops in the Twin-cities of Hyderabad is on high as against the regular sale owing to Bonalu festive season.


This is the time of the year the revelers consume a little more liquor than the usual times. For these people, the consumption of liquor adds to the zest of celebration.


As Telangana celebrates the festival of Bonalu, it brings people in the state together. Bonalu is celebrated as a state festival in Telangana with grandeur. Jagdambika Ammavari Bonas is being held in the heart of Telangana with great splendor. Bonalu festival for Telangana people means an eating and drinking festival. 


Devotees from across the city, nearby districts, and neighboring States throng the city to attend mainly three events that are held at temples in Golconda Fort, Shah Ali Banda, and Secunderabad.


In conclusion, Hyderabad Bonalu is a captivating festival deeply rooted in the history, culture, and religious traditions of Telangana. With its origins dating back centuries, the festival holds immense significance as devotees gather to honor and seek the blessings of the fierce goddess Mahakali. The vibrant processions, devotional rituals, and community celebrations create an atmosphere of joy and spiritual fervor in the city.