AP’s yet another major initiative in energy sector

Vijayawada: Andhra Praddesh has taken yet another remarkable stride towards a brighter future, in the energy sector. It has now emerged as a Key Player in energy-efficient housing by introducing the pioneering “Cool Roof” concept.

The resounding march of progress gains resonance as two stalwart champions of energy efficiency in India, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) and Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), align with the state government, poised to elevate the state’s housing sector to unprecedented heights.

The state’s housing department initiates an innovative drive to establish its housing scheme as a National energy-efficient model, starting with a visionary “cool roof” model house to enhance comfort and energy efficiency. At a dedicated symposium promoting the “Cool Roof Adoption” initiative of Pilot Project under the Eco Niwas Samhita program of BEE, Indo Swiss Building Energy Efficiency Project(BEEP) officials echoed the enthusiasm in Andhra Pradesh, where the Secretary.BEE, MilindDeora along with Saurabdidihave participated in a National Program in Goa on Clean Technologies to Prevent Green House Gas Emissions, Special Chief Secretary for Housing, Ajay Jain, highlighted the AP leading the way by constructing an impressive over 25 lakh houses with the proposal/ plan of cutting-edge energy-efficient technologies. These Initiatives will help for

lowered temperatures, enhanced comfort, significant energy conservation, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions and Electricity Bills to some extent.

At the heart of this endeavor rests the unyielding commitment of Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, and his resolute intention to weave a tapestry of enriched lives for the beneficiaries. Ajay Jain hailed the Pilot Project introduction of the “cool roof” as a beacon of progress, an advancement that shall yield unprecedented advantages for the beneficiaries, thanks in part to the support of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) GOI for the Pilot Project. Lakshmi Shaw, the Managing Director of AP State Housing Corporation Limited, along with Joint MD Siva Prasad have shared that the BEE with the technical assistance of ASCI analyzed districts Like Visakhapatnam, Kakinada, and Bapatla. This revealed how the cool roof initiative made temperatures cooler, especially under the roof and above it.

For example, in places like Samalkot, the temperature under the roof got 9 °C cooler for houses without ceilings, while in Vellanki, it got a 4 °C cooler for houses with ceilings. On top of the roof, in Vellatur, the temperatures were 11 °C cooler with the cool roof. This change promises a future where homes are more comfortable and sustainable.

The state’s pursuit of providing world-class energy efficiency technology to housing beneficiaries reaches a crescendo of innovation. This initiative becomes a beacon for affordable housing, infusing homes with vitality that goes beyond the physical, embracing holistic well-being. Additionally, the state’s commitment to enhancing YSR Jagananna colonies with clean power infrastructure and energy-efficient appliances with the support of EESL underscores its dedication to a brighter, sustainable future.

MilindDeora, the Secretary, BEE, has appreciated the AP Government’s venture into an energy efficiency project for lakhs of houses marking a significant stride. This showcases the State’s robust dedication to establishing widespread sustainable living conditions. By enhancing homes’ energy efficiency, it not only enhances residents’ lives but also sets a commendable environmental precedent. This State-led endeavor sets a benchmark that can inspire other States to prioritize wise energy use and environmental preservation. MilindDeora further disclosed that in a recent High-level meeting in Delhi, the Director General.. BEE, AbhayBhakre emphasized the need for all States to prepare exclusive Action Plans for aggressive implementation of Energy Efficiency Programs in a big way in the Housing Sector where a minimum of 25 Percent of Energy Savings can be achieved through Cost effective Methods.

On the global stage, the Andhra Pradesh State Housing dept..marks a landmark collaboration at the G20 Summit in Goa. A significant Memorandum of Agreement is signed with the Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), solidifying the state’s resolute commitment to a greener horizon. The roadmap of progress unfolds, outlining the facilitation of a substantial number of LED bulbs, tube lights, and BLDC ceiling fans to beneficiaries, painting a vivid portrait of transformative change guided by the sagacious leadership of Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy and Housing Minister Jogi Ramesh Spl. CS Ajay Jain said. He thanked BEE and EESL for their Support to AP and the Energy dept of AP for implementing a Gigantic Project of Housing Electrification with modern facilities including Energy Efficiency on a war footing basis

Lauding the collaboration and accentuating its transformative influence the CGM of EESL Animesh Mishra Underscores how this partnership sets a precedent for a greener, more energy-efficient future, aligning with EESL’s commitment to sustainable progress. Embracing this vision, Andhra Pradesh embarks on a journey of energy-efficient prosperity, etching a vision that aims to provide not only shelter but also envelop families in a nurturing embrace of safety, dignity, and affordability. The symphony of progress swells as the housing department toils tirelessly, nurturing the burgeoning dream of crafting the nation’s and the world’s most monumental energy-efficient housing program.