Revanth recalls YSR’s dream to see Rahul as PM statement

Hyderabad: “The development achieved during YSR’s regime has been immensely beneficial for Telangana State. YSR is synonymous with welfare, and the entire country remembers this great leader,” said Telangana State Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy while addressing a gathering to celebrate Dr. YS Rajasekhar Reddy’s 75th birth anniversary on Tuesday.

He remarked that even YSR’s adversaries, both within the state and across the country, vividly remember the groundbreaking welfare schemes he successfully implemented during his tenure, which won the hearts of the people. He elaborated that the welfare programs introduced by YSR inspired the Six Guarantees announced by Congress in the recent Assembly elections. “YSR also inspired plans for the Musi Riverfront Development project, Metro Rail, and the utilization of Krishna and Godavari waters, as well as attracting investments to Hyderabad. My government continues to pursue the spirit of YSR,” he emphasized.

Reddy also recalled YSR’s famous statement after winning a second consecutive term in 2009, predicting that Rahul Gandhi would become the Prime Minister of India. He noted the irony that YSR passed away before Rahul Gandhi could ascend to the PM post. “Inspired by YSR, all Congress workers should strive hard to make Rahul Gandhi the Prime Minister,” he urged.

He mentioned that YSR’s Padayatra influenced Rahul Gandhi to embark on his Bharat Jodo Yatra and highlighted how the senior leader’s yatra helped bring Congress to power in Andhra Pradesh. “Rahul’s yatra is instrumental in bringing Congress to power in Telangana, Karnataka, and Himachal Pradesh,” he added.

Reddy pointed out that Rahul Gandhi is already working diligently as the leader of the Opposition and is just one step away from assuming the PM post. “The country will develop only under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi,” he asserted. On this occasion, he urged all Congress workers to take an oath to make Rahul Gandhi Prime Minister. “Posts and positions are not important for Rahul Gandhi; he could have become PM in 2004 and 2014. The entire country is waiting for Rahul Gandhi to become PM,” he stated.

He called on true supporters of YSR to work hard to make Rahul Gandhi the next Prime Minister and appealed to all YSR fans to join Congress. Reflecting on his tenure, he recalled taking charge as TPCC President on July 7, 2021, facing numerous hurdles over three years, and bringing the party to power in Telangana. He also mentioned nominating 35 leaders who worked hard for the party to power. “Nominated posts are being given to hardworking party leaders without any recommendations. The main objective is to involve these leaders as partners in the government. The party will remain strong only when the workers are safeguarded,” he concluded.