Three Monkeys becomes Global Brand with Re-design of Whisky Bottle!

Panaji: The redesign of Three Monkeys Indian Single-malt whisky 750ml bottle has been done to add ‘premiumness and modernity’ to create emotional engagement through celebrating the brand’s rich history. In engaging with the new audience, it was also important that existing consumers were not left behind.

“Three Monkeys Single-malt whisky bottle redesign was developed for ‘an evocative and motivating brand proposition’ for launching into new markets and to re-launch into key markets across the world” says Dr. Mohan Krishna founder of Cheers group, who is well-known in the global whisky industry and also has the distinction of being the world’s first liquor marketing Doctorate.

Dr. Krishna predicts that the Indian single-malt whisky sector is set to grow world-over due to premiumization, while also revealing their secret of winning over 200 national and international awards from just about all the top competitions.

“The redesign of Three Monkeys bottle was done considering the brand’s core consumers ageing, a younger generation needed to engage with the brand and its rich and interesting history to be brought back to life” affirms Ashwin Balivada CEO of Cheers group, who has mastererd business talent from Cambridge University UK.

The Goa-based Cheers Group is an internationally acclaimed, highly innovative beverage alcohol conglomerate with a stunning portfolio spread across wine, spirits, and Ready-to-Drink (RTD).  The group is a manufacturer and exporter of a variety of new-age beverages and has a presence in India and international markets with its award-winning brands is valued at around INR 600 Crores.

“A major aspect of the stylish new design is the embossed bottle hugging monkey that’s focus point which enhances the brand’s rich story and refreshing appeal in line with the premium quality blend, it’s re-imagined for today’s time” says Dr. Divya Balivada Global Creative Director of Cheers group, who acquired MBA from Edinburgh University Scotland.

“We have spent copious hours searching world-over to find only the best barrels that are not only delicious and complex on their own, but marry together harmoniously to create the perfect, unique, custom whisky. And, when we say unique, we have taken Three Monkeys whisky-making process to heart to give you the best” adds Ashwin.

“With the new redesigned Three Monkeys Single-malt whisky–research findings show–people started feeling fashionable and don’t see whisky as boring any more” adds Divya.

The best-selling Three Monkeys Indian single-malt whisky in its New Avtar retails at INR 1610/- for a 750 ml Custom bottle in Goa is an excellent value for money.

With the new super impressive packaging and personal touch ‘The Three Monkeys Indian Single-malt whisky’ clearly comes through as a higher-end custom blend distinctively yours. Cheers!