IVRI scientists on mission to save turtle with cracked shell in UP’s Bareilly

Bareily: Scientists at the Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI) are heroically working to save an Indian flapshell turtle found with a broken shell after a vehicle accident. A social worker discovered the turtle in Budaun and brought it to the institute on July 8, according to Dr. A M Pawde, principal scientist and Centre for Wildlife in-charge at IVRI.

The Indian flapshell turtle is listed as vulnerable in the IUCN Red List of wildlife species, making this rescue mission critical. ‘After inspecting the turtle, we discovered its shell was broken by a vehicle. Since the shell controls moisture and heat, its repair was urgent,’ explained Dr. Pawde. The task was further complicated by the turtle’s fragile condition, preventing the use of sedatives.

Attempts to use blouse hooks, glue, and an ortho surgical pin initially failed to reunite the broken shell. Success finally came with a ring of ortho surgical pins, connected by a stapler. Currently, the turtle remains under observation, and the team is praying for its full recovery, assisted by Bareilly’s Divisional Forest Officer Diksha Bhandari, who authorized its treatment at IVRI.