Fault in tracks likely cause for derailment of North East Express

New Delhi: Fault in tracks was the possible cause of derailment of the Delhi-Kamakhya North East Express in Bihar in which four people were killed and several injured, sources said on Thursday citing a preliminary investigation report.

The report, signed by six railway officials including the driver of the ill-fated train, stated, “It seems that derailment occurred due to fault in tracks.” It estimated the cost of damage due to the accident at more than Rs 52 crore.

The loco pilot was partially injured and his assistant suffered serious injuries in the accident Wednesday night.

The report also contained a statement by the loco pilot who said that the train passed Raghunathpur station, near which the accident occurred, at a speed of 128 km per hour, but soon after it crossed the station section it suffered a severe jolt at the rear end with excessive vibration.

As a result of the excessive vibration and the severe jolt, the brake pipe pressure dropped suddenly and the train derailed at 9:52 pm, the preliminary report quoted the loco pilot as saying.

It also quoted a gateman and a pointsman at the Raghunathpur station as saying that they saw sparks coming from near the wheels of the train.

The report stated a breath analyser test of the loco pilot and his assistant was negative.

At least four people died and several were injured when 12506 North East Express derailed near Raghunathpur in Bihar’s Buxar district on Wednesday night.