Battle 2024; NDA vs. I.N.D.A., a possible emerging scenario

(N Nagaraj)

As the 2024 general elections approach, the political landscape in India is heating up with the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) and the Independent National Democratic Alliance (I.N.D.A.) gearing up for a fierce battle. With valuable lessons learned from past elections in Maharashtra and Karnataka, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is strategically shaping its approach to win over non-BJP and southern states.

Learning from Historical Makings: The BJP necessarily, acknowledges the challenges it faces in winning authentically in Non-BJP and southern states. Drawing from past experiences in Maharashtra and Karnataka, the party realizes the importance of adopting a different approach to secure electoral victories in these regions.

Inclusivity Over Party Lines: To bolster their chances of success, the BJP has adopted an unconventional strategy by roping in candidates from various parties who possess clean images and energetic personas. Party affiliation takes a backseat as these candidates are welcomed into the fold, even if they have faced corruption charges in the past. The emphasis is on finding candidates who can appeal to a broader voter base and bridge the gap between the party and regional sentiments.

Exploiting Opposition Weaknesses: As the campaign intensifies, the BJP aims to gain an edge by attacking the weaknesses of the Opposition. Corruption cases against key figures are brought into the spotlight, in an attempt to undermine their credibility. However, the party appears to be cautious about not engaging in similar allegations against its own candidates until after the 2024 Election.

The Influence of Money Power: In the final stretch of the election campaign, the real challenge lies in wielding money power to influence voters. The infamous “Money for Vote” practice has been a concern, particularly in the southern states.

Reports indicate that many voters, including farmers, auto and cab drivers, petty shopkeepers, and hawkers, have openly discussed voting for the highest bidder. This trend has become especially prevalent in Hyderabad city, posing a significant challenge for both alliances.

As the battle between NDA and I.N.D.A. intensifies, each alliance is employing distinct strategies to secure victory in the 2024 elections. While the BJP learns from its past mistakes and embraces inclusivity, the influence of money power and the prevalence of “Money for Vote” practices loom large on the horizon.

As the election date draws closer, the outcome remains uncertain, and only time will reveal which alliance can capture the hearts and votes of the Indian electorate.

Yet, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who happens to be the only face of BJP, express confidence of party winning back to power with much more mandate this time around.  He also promises to ensure all those who were indulged in corruption will be pushed behind bars, before polls.  But knowing well Indian judiciary system, whether it would happen or not, is a million dollar question.