US welcomes role of India in helping achieve lasting peace in Ukraine

Washington: The United States has welcomed the role of India in helping achieve lasting peace in Ukraine, a senior administration official said Monday.

“A strategic failure for Russia, which has seen an enormous loss of both military personnel, but military equipment. It’s seen its standing in the world affected. It’s seen its economy crippled by the sanctions and export controls we’ve imposed,” Matthew Miller, Spokesperson of the State Department told reporters at a news conference here.

“I will say with respect to what other countries of the world can do, we welcome the international support that Ukraine has received since the beginning of this conflict,” he said in response to a question.

“We welcome the role that India or any other country could play in helping achieve a just and lasting peace that recognizes Ukraine’s territorial integrity and recognizes Ukraine’s sovereignty,” he said, adding that the United States believes that the war in Ukraine has been a strategic failure for Russia.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine completed 500 days on Saturday.