Cheers Group bets Big on Single-malt whisky

Panaji (Goa): Dr. Mohan Krishna led Cheers Group India’s luxury spirits conglomerate that has a varied portfolio of world-class Indian Single-malt whiskies catering to all segments of luxury spirit imbibers in the country. Most famous among is the ‘Best Indian Single-malt whisky’ awarded, Three Monkeys Indian Single-malt whisky which has a presence pan India at a very tempting price-point wherein, enables Scotch whisky connoisseurs to tilt towards it as an aspirational brand.

Three Monkeys Indian Single-malt whisky has still not percolated down to the masses but then, it is a luxury product that moves in charmed circles and there, its pedigree is now acknowledged with pride!

The citadel of Scotch whisky was a perennial aspiration and one of the calling cards that signaled an entry into a coveted circle. Much like the luxury car or club membership that stamped the certificate of admission to the elite.

Cheers Group has enjoyed incredible success in a relatively short period. The growth in demand for its Three Monkeys Indian single malt has allowed its distillery to expand further and is now eying to be one of the largest single-malt whisky producers in India. The huge success of Cheers Group’s brands in India, coupled with the global status of its single-malts, now inspires it to aim high with the expansion of its rare and aged malt reserves.

“We have an array of premium Single-malts, from Three Monkeys to Secret Island. These expressions are enjoyed by single malt lovers as much as anyone, who appreciates the complexity of their creation” says Ashwin Balivada, Executive Director, Cheers Group, who mastered Business Management from Cambridge University. 

The Single-malt whiskies produced by Cheers group, using Scottish-style copper pot stills and the same traditional processes employed across Scotland, have found favor among its wide consumer base around the world.

“Three Monkeys, leisurely aged Indian single-malt is nothing short of spectacular. The classic, earthy peat notes are balanced with a touch of salty Goan ocean breeze, it’s a smooth, warm blend that allows all the flavors to dance synchronously” says Dr. Divya Balivada, Global Creative Director, Cheers Group.

For a fine example, Three Monkeys Single Malt, made using ‘six-row’ barley from the foothills of the Himalayas, distilled and matured in Goa and producing a complex, fruity spirit with a rounded mouthfeel that calls to mind Scotch from a bygone era.

“You can’t beat the price, look no further, it’s exciting—it makes it more of an adventure for a novice who wants to start exploring the Three Monkeys Indian Single malt whisky” adds Ashwin.