Cheers Group discards mono-carton packaging for Murphy’s Launch

Panjim: Cheers Group, a significant player in the global spirits industry, recently launched an industry-first initiative “Care4Planet” as it journeys towards the removal of mono-cartons from its packaging.

Way back in 2016, Cheers Group launched its Labrodog Aged 12-year-old blended Scotch whisky in India in a 750ml glass bottle without a mono-carton which was the first of its kind to have a brand of a super premium category whisky without a mono-carton, whereas even an entry-level brands have mono-carton. Amazingly, by public choice, Labrodog became India’s popular Scotch whisky.

Cheers group’s widely exported Secret Island Indian single-malt whisky in a 700 ml bottle which retails at Rs 4200/- in Goa, surpasses the price of many international brands, has no mono-carton indeed, and sells on ‘quality-first’ plank.

Usually, the mono-cartons are the rage to showcase the brand’s storytelling theme, however, Cheers group emphasized it’s “Quality-speaks” initiative with the liquid in a bottle without a mono-cart to be Planet-friendly. Kudos!

Murphy’s premium whisky in a blue color exquisite blue bottle with the brand name printed on it shouts more than any mono-carton can, when exhibited on wine shelves, will put to shame to other brands that has mono-cartons for giving a display effect to induce imbibers.

“Eliminating the manufacturing and transportation of non-essential ‘Mono-carton packaging’ for Murphy’s premium whisky is Planet-friendly. This initiative has a three-pronged aim to reduce deforestation, Carbon footprint and Water footprint in secondary packaging” says Dr Mohan Krishna, founder of Cheers group.

Murphy’s premium whisky is an exclusive offering from the Cheers group having a wide range of award-winning rare and exceptional best-selling Scotch and Single-malt whiskies.

“We are thrilled to launch Murphy’s, which provides our connoisseurs with an engaging and experience-led way to enjoy blended Indian single-malt Malt whisky with a style,” says Ashwin Balivada, CEO of Cheers Group.

“We’re proud to have elevated the exclusive single-malt blended whisky experience for our discerning consumers, providing them with an enjoyable and seamless way to explore the luxury category,” says Dr. Divya Balivada, Global Creative Director at Cheers Group.

“The initiative to discard mono-carton aims to inspire consumers to make eco-conscious purchase decisions, reduce waste to landfill for secondary packaging, and contribute to the Company’s Responsibility & Sustainability roadmap” adds Ashwin.

With the layered complexity that can only stem from double charred wood, Murphy’s blend is a mix of finest grain spirits and Copper pot still Single-malt spirit, which leaves it with nutty butterscotch notes, and a smooth toasted wood and vanilla finish that lingers just long enough. Cheers!