TN Governor says Emergency ‘black chapter’ in nation’s history

Chennai: On the 49th anniversary of Emergency, Tamil Nadu Governor R N Ravi on Tuesday termed the infamous era as a ‘black chapter’ in the nation’s history and urged people to resolve to safeguard the nation’s dignity and democracy.

In a post on X, Ravi said on 25 June 1975, Indian democracy was trampled “under the feet of a dictator who trashed the Constitution, suspended the fundamental civil liberties of citizens, gagged the media and subdued the judiciary.”

Furthermore, he said: “Let us mourn this day with a resolve to safeguard the dignity and democracy of our motherland in such a way that no one even contemplates repeating this black chapter of our national history.”

The Governor also shared his personal experiences from his university days during the Emergency, which spanned from 1975-77 when Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister. He called for a collective resolve to prevent any recurrence of this ‘black chapter’.