Sporadic incidents of violence reported during LS polls

Vijayawada: Rentala in the Macherla constituency and Gurajala of Palandu district saw escalating tensions as clashes erupted between activists of the TDP and YSRC. The confrontations involved the hurling of stones and wielding of sticks, resulting in injuries to several individuals.

Prompt intervention by the police helped quell the disturbances swiftly.

In response to the gravity of the situation, the Election Commission of India instructed the Chief Electoral Officer to deploy additional security forces to Rentala and other sensitive areas in Palnadu, ensuring the seamless progress of the electoral process.

Meanwhile, in Pullampeta, Annamayya district, unidentified individuals vandalized EVMs within polling booths, disrupting voting procedures.

Similar tensions flared in Botlapalem village, Darsi assembly constituency, Prakasam district, where clashes among voter groups led to EVM damage. However, election officials swiftly arranged replacement machines, swiftly restoring voting activities. Praksam district election officer AS Dinesh Kumar issued directives for criminal action against the perpetrators, with central armed forces deployed to avert further unrest.

In Annuru village, Karvetinagaram, Chittoor district, clashes erupted between supporters of Deputy CM K Narayan Swamy and TDP MLA candidate Thomas.

Further clashes occurred between TDP and YSRC activists in Gokarnapalle, Pondur mandal, Amdalavalasa assembly constituency, resulting in injuries and hospitalizations. Additional security measures were implemented after the clash, which stemmed from objections regarding the presence of Tamineni Vani, wife of YSRC candidate Tamineni Seetaram, as a general agent within a polling booth.

Meanwhile, in Borakamanda village, Saddum mandal, Punganoor assembly constituency, three TDP polling agents were reportedly abducted by YSRC personnel before the commencement of voting. Prompt police action led to their rescue in Pileru, Borakamanda.

An incident involving YSRCP MLA Siva Kumar from Tenali Assembly Constituency occurred when he attempted to bypass the voting queue, resulting in an altercation with a voter. The situation escalated as the MLA’s followers intervened, prompting police intervention to restore order.