“Secret Island Indian Single-malt” Stirred-up Curiosity over its Low-price-tag!

Panaji: No single malt roundup would be complete without the inclusion of “Secret Island Indian single-malt whisky” that has both smoky and peaty options – which follow the International tradition of malted barley distillation.

From the house of Dr Mohan Krishna led Cheers group, one of the world’s leading producers of luxury spirits, Secret Island Single Malt whisky is a classic malt for any connoisseur. The award-winning dram is also one of the rarest single-malt whisky made at the distillery over looking the Mandovi River, in Goa.

Every sip of Secret Island is reminiscent of the water-body, perfectly balancing smokiness, sea-water saltiness, and sweetness. On the palate are notes of dried fruit, smoke, and barley. Meanwhile, the aroma is peaty and the finish is long, warm, and sweet. Bottled exquisitely and elegantly, this one’s a classy gifting option and the perfect dram to start out your single-malt journey.

The Secret Island Single Malt is peated in port casks and ex-bourbon and each sip has fruity notes. You’ll note hints of toffee, lemongrass, and smoke. On the nose are an array of bananas, peaches, green apples, and vanilla to begin. The finish is long and smooth as silk and velvet!

Undoubtedly, single malts are delicious making for the perfect spirit to have neat or in a classic old-fashioned number. The “Secret Island” has sophisticated reputation and have long led to apprehension amongst even the most enthusiastic malt whisky lovers.

India, currently crowned as the world’s largest consumer of whisky and Telangana the premium whisky consuming State in India, there are a few coveted whiskies that are worth the splurge and the “Secret Island” is ultimate but less-expensive at Rs 5760 a bottle of 700ml, also, comes with high degree of alcohol percentage of 46% that not many scotch whiskies can count on.

“We kick off our series of decanter stories with the ground-breaking heritage of excellence in single malt whisky making which is incredibly special,” says Ashwin Balivada, Executive Director, Cheers group, who mastered Business Management from Cambridge University.

The Secret Island show-stopping decanter looks like a combination of fine art and a magical bliss. For the home entertainer, this unusual decanter can’t beat for its conversation of the whole whisky experience.

“Beyond a doubt, the Secret Island decanter is a sophisticated and luxurious masterwork of glass art design. And, finding the perfect decanter for life’s special celebrations is crucial,” opines Ashwin.

“We scoured the globe for procuring a masterpiece like the Secret Island decanter. After a long and careful search, we found the few glass artists left with the skills to create a spectacular decanter this balanced, beautiful and functional,” says Dr. Divya Balivada, Global Creative Director, Cheers group, who acquired business talent from Edinburgh University Scotland.

The Secret Island decanter comes with an element of surprise: the gentle curvature of the base amplifies the sculptural quality of the Craftworks. Absolutely, a great whisky at a stunning price — escape to the ‘Secret Island’. Cheers!