India to host conclave of Army chiefs of Indo-Pacific region

New Delhi: The Indian Army will host a two-day conference of Army chiefs of the Indo-Pacific nations next week with an aim to evolve a common strategy to ensure peace, prosperity and stability against the backdrop of growing global concerns over China’s increasing military muscle-flexing in the region.

Fifteen Army chiefs and delegations from 22 countries will attend the event to be held in Delhi on September 26 and 27, officials said. The US Army is co-hosting the conference.

The Indo-Pacific Armies Chiefs’ Conclave (IPACC) will deliberate on the role of military diplomacy in mitigating various crises, ways to enhance collaboration among the armed forces of the region and boosting interoperability.

An exhibition of India’s indigenously developed weapons, military systems and platforms is also being organised on the sidelines of the event.

Alongside the 13th edition of the IPACC, the Indian Army is also hosting the 47th Indo Pacific Armies Management Seminar (IPAMS) and the Senior Enlisted Leaders Forum (SELF).

Vice Chief of Army Staff Lt Gen M V Suchindra Kumar said the event will provide a unique opportunity to build common perspectives towards a shared vision and that it will help strengthen friendships through the formidable and indelible “soldierly bond.” The IPACC, instituted as a biennial event in 1999, is attended by Army chiefs of countries of the Indo-Pacific region, to discuss issues of mutual interest. “The current edition of this conclave is very special, as it will witness participation of full spectrum of military ranks, from Army chiefs to non-commissioned Officers from 22 nationalities, and their spouses,” Lt Gen Kumar told reporters.

“Fifteen Army chiefs and delegations from 22 countries will attend this event in Delhi. I take this opportunity to thank the US Army, especially US Army Pacific, who are our co-hosts,” he said.

The Indo-Pacific Armies Management Seminar (IPAMS), held annually, is one of the largest conferences for the land forces in the region which is organised annually by US Army Pacific, along with a co-host country.

In his remarks, the Vice Chief of Army Staff also underlined the importance of land forces to ensure the vision of a free, open, inclusive, peaceful and prosperous Indo-Pacific that he asserted must be based on a rules-based international order.

“The Indian Army’s involvement in the Indo-Pacific mirrors this thought. As we delve into the region’s intricacies and our role within its development, the paramount importance of peace, security, and stability cannot be overlooked,” he said.

“Since Independence, the Indian armed Forces, particularly the Indian Army, have made significant contributions in promoting peace and stability in the region,” he said.

Lt Gen Kumar said the Indian Army’s commitment is not limited to security efforts alone but extends to humanitarian endeavours and relief efforts during natural disasters also.

The theme of the conclave is ‘Together for Peace: Sustaining Peace and Stability in the Indo-Pacific Region’.

“In the IPACC roundtable, the chiefs of Indo-Pacific Armies will address the issues of role of military diplomacy in mitigating crises’, enhancing military collaboration and interoperability through training and the need for self-reliance by modern armies,” Lt Gen Kumar said.

Chief of Army Staff Gen Manoj Pande will have bilateral meetings on the sidelines of the event.

“This gathering serves as a testament to the pivotal role this region holds in the global landscape, both economically and strategically,” the Vice Chief of Army Staff said.

“As we deliberate on the multifaceted challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, we are reminded that the Indo-Pacific is not just a geographical expanse, but a stage where nations unite to shape the narrative of our shared future,” he said.