Govt should consider lowering TCS on overseas tour packages to increase outbound tourism: Report

New Delhi:  The government should consider lowering TCS on overseas tour packages and allow foreign cruise vessels to operate on Indian waters besides other steps to increase outbound tourism, a report said on Sunday.

The report titled “Unlock the Potential: A Look into Outbound Tourism”, drafted by Nangia Andersen LLP in collaboration with FICCI said that India’s outbound tourism market is projected to rise by 11.4 per cent CAGR between 2023 and 2032.

The growth in the Indian travel and tourism industry is driven by a combination of rising income levels and changing lifestyles, development of diverse tourism offerings and policy and regulatory support by the government authorities, it added.

The Year-10 student and his two friends were playing basketball in Tarneit before Rhyan was due at a celebratory family dinner for his birthday.   The aspiring cricketer was stabbed in his ribs, arms, hand and back, and was hit in the back of his head, the report said.

One of his friends was also stabbed, according to Victoria Police.

“An altercation occurred and the youths were stabbed a number of times before the offenders left the scene,” Australia Today reported.

“(It’s) not fair … we were planning for his birthday,” Rhyan’s mother Sushma Manandhar was quoted as saying by Channel 7news.

Rhyan was taken to hospital where he underwent surgery to save the fingers on his left hand.

He is expected to remain in hospital for a few more days as he recovers, the report said, adding that, his two friends are also recovering in hospital.

According to the 7News channel, the gang had earlier ambushed other victims at a leisure centre in Caroline Springs the same afternoon.

Victoria Police say the offenders left the scene in a dark-coloured vehicle which has not yet been located.

“The exact circumstances surrounding the incident are being investigated,” police said