Demon RTD set to Stir & Shake the Category

Panaji: “Future-perfect, the Ready-to-Drink (RTD) Cocktails would grow from a relatively unknown category to one of the best-selling sub-categories in India,” says Dr. Mohan Krishna founder of Cheers group, and he adds “there would be a ‘significant shift’ to RTD from the beer category and as well from the overall spirit connoisseurs on the plank of easy-going “bottled” cocktails available at a great price.”

Strange but true, today in India the RTD consumer demographic is “rather Not young” drinkers are middle-aged especially ladies, unlike abroad where the RTD consumers are the youth hence the sales volumes are very high. Sure, this would happen in India soon with awareness. RTDs are low-alcohol beverages. Today, the youth in India are taking to high alcohol-strength spirits for value for money, and that trend is going to change soon towards RTDs.

“RTDs strong growth would be driven by many factors — including consumer’s taste profile and desire for high-quality, portable cocktails, as well as flavor innovation and a shift away from the age-old spirits category” explains Ashwin Balivada CEO of Cheers group.

“Demon Ultra Cranberry seasonal flavor RTD with 8% alcohol strength or 14 % proof strength has been launched by Cheers group. The flavors are made with premium vodka and are ready to “shake, sip and enjoy” opines  Ashwin, “RTD cocktails would be influenced by convenience and sure flavor innovations fuels consumer interest” he adds.

Standing out from the pack and finding a path to success with RTD Cocktails involves formulation and flavor decisions and an understanding of the regulatory landscape especially in India where each State and union territory has its own set of rules and regulations for alcohol.

“RTD cocktails will be on the growth chart driven by consumers’ desire for easy-to-enjoy, highly portable cocktails,” says Dr. Divya Balivada, Global Creative Director of Cheers group. “Also  RTDs will tap into the changing consumer preference for low-calories, refreshing alcoholic beverages with a simple ingredients list that achieve a ‘health’ halo amongst shoppers,” adds Divya.

“When it comes to selecting an RTD, people are primarily motivated by the variety of flavors and striking liquid colors offered, which reiterates the importance of having a diverse range of options available to satisfy a broad range of preferences,” claims Dr. Krishna.

RTDs are a year-round staple and not just a warm weather go-to. Ready-to-drink Cocktails are the Future: Convenience is the Key. Cheers!