Cheers Group’s ‘Three Monkeys’ Single-malt benefits from T-Govt’s new pricing policy

(Our Businness Correspondent)

Panjim (Goa): The Telangana Government has increased the selling price of Liquor products by the Distilleries to the Government and as well decreased the Consumer price…Good News for Tipplers Ahoy!

With the latest price reduction announced by the Telangana Government, the Three Monkeys Indian single-malt is an absolute bang for your buck! Rare and aged, this whisky sits in ex-bourbon barrels making for a smooth sip every time. This is super tasty with subtle floral, honey, and cinnamon notes. The best part is now the price of this best-selling Indian single-malt has been reduced to Rs 2160/- for a 750 ml Gift pack which is a great value for money.

Whether enjoyed neat on the rocks by a roaring fire or skillfully mixed with water, Indian Single-malt’s history and craftsmanship make it one of the most revered luxury whisky categories in the world. While devoted drinkers love to wax poetic about the Indian single-malts many virtues — distinctive, layered, and iconic — those new to its charms are amazed to find it offers an almost intimidatingly diverse range of styles. Truly a versatile whisky.

The Three Monkeys is widely known as the paragon of ‘The Art of Indian Single Malt Whisky’. It’s phenomenal.

It’s not only India’s most highly awarded Single malt whisky but among the most prestigious and honored whiskies bagging international awards, having Indian craftsmanship in general, given its rich heritage making it one of the rarest whisky.

“The Three Monkeys has a vibrancy of rich and fruity, sweet sipping experience, layered with an amalgamation of various flavors brought together in a perfect blend aged in varied casks over different processes. It’s one of my favorites too ” says Dr. Mohan Krishna, founder of the Cheers group.

The Three Monkeys Indian Single Malt whisky is distilled at Imperial Distillers (Cheers group company), Goa which sits at a bespoke destination overlooking the River.

Three Monkeys single malt is brought to life in hand-selected casks of American oak, ex-bourbon, and European oak sherry casks, till they come together to form a smooth usquebaugh with a silky finish.

“Charring is an age-old method for invigorating barrels to intensify the taste. The Three Monkeys is a superlative Single Malt whisky made with the spirit matured exclusively in barrels with an additional charring to reveal their untold richness and complexity” says Ashwin Balivada, CEO, of Cheers Group.

“The gift pack offers the Three Monkeys consumers a unique experience to unwind and relax as they savor this fine Indian Single malt whisky. The gift pack portrays Three Monkeys’ global lineage which signifies sophistication and luxury for its patrons” says Dr. Divya Balivada, Global Creative Director, Cheers Group.

“You can’t beat the price, look no further, It’s exciting—it makes it more of an adventure for a novice who wants to start exploring the Three Monkeys Indian Single malt” adds Ashwin.