Bag it, escape to “Secret Island”

(Our Business Desk)

If you offer a gift with a purchase, your brand will attract more customers than other companies as it motivates customers to impulse buy.

The Cheers group are giving away free trolley bag to their customers. With a purchase of just four bottles of their iconic, “Secret Island” Indian single-malt whisky, every customer will receive a branded trolley bag for no extra cost across select walk-in stores in Hyderabad.

The “Secret Island” Indian single-malt is ultimate but less expensive at Rs 5720 a bottle of 700ml, it also, comes with a high degree of alcohol percentage of 46% that not many leading international brands can count on. Every sip of Secret Island has perfectly balanced smokiness, sea-water saltiness, and sweetness. On the palate are notes of dried fruit, smoke, and barley. The aroma is peaty and the finish is long, warm, and sweet. The Secret Island show-stopping decanter bottle looks like a combination of fine art and magical bliss.

The ‘Secret Island’ promotional campaign, offers their buyers a superior travel product with a very catchy label hanging from the side. “That is what we call the right product at the right place,” says Dr. Mohan Krishna, founder of Cheers Group.

Plus, consider the fact that this is a quality and well-designed promotional

Strolley bag. It has been used with resistant materials with a handle and strengthened at the bottom corners and is overall smart, which let absolute free movement to your hands. “The modern and classic style Secret Island Strolley bag is also aesthetically appealing for a larger customer range” opines Ashwin Balivada, CEO, of Cheers Group, who mastered Business Management from Cambridge University.

Due to using high-end materials for this promotional Strolley bag,  it becomes very durable and can be used for years. “In this case the brand Secret Island Single-malt gets free brand reminder even when the whisky is consumed, leading to an increase in the brand value and retaining customers,” says Dr Divya Balivada, Global Creative Director, Cheers Group, who acquired business talent from Edinburgh University Scotland.

The Secret Island decanter comes with an element of surprise: the gentle curvature of the base amplifies the sculptural quality of the craftworks. A great whisky at a stunning price. Bag it — escape to the Secret Island!