Act in Manipur and elsewhere too!

The north-eastern state of Manipur, bordering Myanmar and China, is in the news, of late. Simply because of the widespread ethnic violence and killings due to a trending video of two women being dragged out of their homes, gang-raped and paraded naked by hooligans.. No level-headed soul will dare not condemn and question the insensitive state government.

And, the Opposition’s demand for the dismissal of the Biren Singh government is also justifiable. And Prime Minister Narender Modi’s stoic silence all these months and shedding crocodile tears just before the commencement of the expected stormy Parliament session is not only questionable but also laughable and unappreciable.

Despite his two visits, Home Minister Amit Shah’s failure to contain the violence in the strife-torn state is also questionable.

But, one ponders, should the Opposition parties, including the Congress and Communists, which ruled Manipur for a considerable period since independence, be let off the hook? Wasn’t there large-scale and unprecedented violence that put the state on the boil for months?

Interestingly, the Opposition’s wailing seems to have no takers. Not even the foreign media, which till recently, took an unwarranted interest to paint India as a demon in a civilized global society, during the Shaheen Bagh, Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) and farmers’ protests. But how come the judiciary, which failed to act in the past, suddenly felt it necessary to step in and warn the state and Central governments, though it is agreeable that depravity reached its peak this time in Manipur?

Gang rape investigated as video shows abducted Indian women being paraded naked in Manipur | World News | Sky News

As a responsible citizen, one feels that the judicial intervention in other Constitutional bodies like the Legislature or Executive should not exceed the standard brief.

And, Modi’s tolerance could be seen in the verdict which was mischievously held back by the apex court when the Congress’ former senior member and lawyer Kapil Sibal moved the court in the Ram Janmabhoomi case. This, despite another legal practitioner and senior BJP member Subramanian Swamy’s advice to the Centre that it enjoys the right to pass an ordinance to take possession of the disputed site at Ayodhya.

It is no denying that the Centre is indeed embarrassed by the unabated ethnic violence in Manipur, which threatens to cause a dent to India’s image abroad, besides that of Modi. That too, when he has emerged as one of the tallest leaders in the world. and this is evident from his recent visits to the US, France, and UAE, where he received tumultuous receptions.

All this and the country’s emergence as economic and military power are becoming indigestible to the Opposition parties, which are not only decaying but also losing credibility among the Indian electorate. However, the recent victories of the Congress in Himachal Pradesh and Karnataka are just aberrations.

What is more surprising this time is that the international medis, as pointed out earlier, did come to the Opposition’s rescue, as they got exposed in extending support to the agitations of farmers or anti-CAA activists, not so long ago.

That apart, thanks to the social media which exposed Rahul Gandhi in his recent (sponsored) visit to the US and UK, where he raised allegations against India. The active social media not only exposed the recent past of the Congress party’s wrongdoings, including that of Rahul’s meeting with the Chinese ambassador in New Delhi during the Galwan skirmishes or his senior party colleagues – Manishankar Aiyer and Salman Khurshid – being caught in camera pleading the Pakistan establishment’s help to destabilize the Modi government, or Kapil Sibal, pleading the apex court to postpone the Ram Janmabhoomi verdict before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, expose the Opposition’s realization that its return to power remains a distant dream.

Manipur Video News: 2 'Gang-raped & Killed' on Same Day, 40km Away; 19-yr-old Held, 5 Arrested - News18

Against that backdrop, one should not view the Manipur ethnic violence wearing tinted glasses. Ignorant journalists appear to be backing the Congress-led Opposition in throwing the entire blame on the present dispensation in the state and at the Centre. The Opposition cannot fathom the good work being carried out by the honest and upright Modi government.

They may justify the right to nail Modi on wrongdoings, but not cherry-picking the issues that suits their narratives. Similar incidents, like  abuses against women and children or overall atrocities are on the rise and more so in the non-BJP ruled states also.

According to BJP spokesperson Shehzad Poonawala’s video, in which he explains how Rajasthan has emerged as the ‘rape capital of India’ or in other states like West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra, where such incidents are prevalent and the concerned governments turning the other way..

But, those ignorant and Congress bhakts in the media would not like to accept this fact and instead point out that such violence is also on the rise in Yogi Adityanath-headed Uttar Pradesh, which is not only funny but absurd too. This exposes their partisan narratives. Having said that, though, I would not like to dare undermine the wisdom of Lordships of the apex or High Courts, yet as a responsible citizen who enjoys the ‘freedom of speech or expression’ shall look into why they have failed to pull up the governments like the West Bengal and Rajasthan and why cherry pick Manipur? I say this with no disrespect to our judiciary, which happens to be the last hope of every Indian nationalist.

And the options left before the Modi government is to dismiss the Manipur and West Bengal governments forthwith, may be putting them under suspended animation, sanitize both the states to ensure peace returns during the brief spell of President’s Rule, sparing Rajasthan as the elections are due this year end and let the electorate take a call on whether to elect or reject the Congress. The outburst of West Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee of doubting the Pulwama attack and the Indian army’s abilities, should be used as the reason by the Centre to take action against her government for this grossly anti-national act, even if it gives her political sympathy and advantage, so that in future no state dares to interfere with national security or interests. Any further delay by Modi government in taking action may have adverse effect on the upcoming Lok Sabha elections on his party. That’s for sure!