We will build digital statue of unity with power of technology: Akash Ambani

New Delhi: Reliance Jio has unleashed the world’s fastest roll-out of 5G mobile telephony network, deploying a 5G cell every 10 seconds and together with its fixed-wireless broadband offering has made India the broadband capital of the world, its chairman Akash Ambani said on Friday.

Speaking at the Indian Mobile Congress, Ambani said that Jio “is set to end the digital exclusion in India once and for all”. India today ranks among the top three 5G-enabled nations, with over 125 million 5G users.

Stating that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership has brought India and Indians together, motivating and unifying the entire nation including the youth, Ambani said, “We promise you that through the power of technology, we will build a digital statue of unity.” This too will be the tallest in aspiration and achievement, he said.

Lauding PM’s leadership that has energised the nation, Ambani said every generation needs a vision that inspires to do great things, and added, “You have given my generation, an aspirational vision of transforming our country into Viksit Bharat”.

“Just like the youth, you embrace innovation, welcome change and challenge the status quo. You are always working on using the latest technology that can improve the lives of our people,” he said.

He cited India’s digital public infrastructure, which has gained global recognition, and added that the digital revolution has connected 1.4 billion Indians. The motto of ‘Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas’ has ensured that development reaches all, irrespective of region, religion or caste.

The Statue of Unity, dedicated to India’s first Deputy Prime Minister Sardar Vallabhai Patel, is the tallest statue in the world, Ambani noted and went on to make his pledge of building a digital statue of unity.

Recalling Modi’s challenge of making India a global leader in 5G technology, Ambani said that Jio had risen to the challenge and indeed delivered.

“Your challenge energised us, and what we have achieved has stunned the world. We at Jio unleashed the fastest roll-out of 5G technology witnessed anywhere in the world. Deploying a 5G cell every 10 seconds, Jio has installed over 10 lakh 5G cells across all 22 circles of India,” Ambani said.

Jio alone has contributed to 85 per cent of the overall 5G capacity in the country, and provided one of the fastest 5G internet speeds in the world.

Moreover, he said, Jio’s 5G roll-out is powered by a 100 per cent in-house 5G stack, designed, developed and manufactured entirely by Indian talent.

“You commanded us to make Bharat Atmanirbhar in hi-tech. Jio has delivered on your command. We have fortified our 5G infrastructure with services like JioFiber and JioAirFiber, our fixed-wireless broadband offerings,” he said.

Now, Jio can provide 5G access to over 200 million unconnected homes and premises making India the broadband capital of the world.

“India today ranks amongst the top three 5G-enabled nations, with over 125 million 5G users. The transformative power of 5G will provide new employment and entrepreneurial opportunities to millions of Indians,” Ambani said, adding that this would help both job seekers and job creators.

He also mentioned the recent launch of “revolutionary” Jio Bharat device, a 4G smartphone costing just Rs 999, which is priced lower than most 2G phones.

“With such bold initiatives Jio is set to end the digital exclusion in India once and for all,” he said.