Three Monkeys sing “Nation First” gives Swadeshi push

Panjim (Goa): Three Monkeys, as a brand gives an instant India connection. Voila! India witnessing a new revolution for ‘Swadeshi’ says Dr Mohan Krishna, founder of Cheers group. “The India of today is not just ‘Local for Vocal’ but also providing a global platform to take it to the world” he adds.

The best thing about Scotland is that when a Scottish says– Aaj ‘Desi’ peeyunga, it still means Scotch. Whereas, in India ‘Desi’ is also called Country liquor. In Telangana instantly reminds of ‘Gudamba’– the local brew majorly looked down upon as having no guarantee of authenticity as illegal Gudamba is flooded. 

Uttar Pradesh and a few North Indian states have lower alcohol-strength liquor, in Maharashtra Desi Daru is famous and has to be colorless but can be flavoured. Goa has the famous Feni that’s regarded as Country liquor. Although it’s called Country liquor, the products are confined to the State level and cannot be sold outside the State, but can be exported outside India–ridiculous indeed. The state government intends to give ‘ordinary’ people a cutting edge by giving ‘extraordinary’ tax benefits on Desi stuff.

It may be noted that on Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) consisting of Single-malts, Scotch, other whiskies, Brandy, Rum, Gin, Vodka, and liquor are taxed heavily by State governments.

Indian Single-malt whiskies have a variety of flavor profiles that appeal to all the senses. There are noticeable spicy and fruity aromas as well as hints of vanilla and caramel. As you continue to drink it, you’ll notice the aroma and flavor that are only possible as a result of the reflection of the protracted Indian summer, which gives Indian single malts their unique flavor.

Many factors help Indian single-malt whiskies stand out on the global map. Given the temperate climate of the country and maturation so-called aging is faster than their counterparts from Scotland. 

Three Monkeys Indian Single-malt whisky is created by passionate master distillers of the Cheers group. Every sip has a surprising sweetness along with notes of peat. This malt gains notes of red berry from maturing in sherry and Bordeaux wine barrels. This award-winning drink is full-bodied with a sophisticated finish with authentic ‘Indianness’, as it’s made with 100% Indian barley- malt.

“We chose this beautiful tropical coast to craft our Single Malts. The many personalities of Goa are captured in each of our creations. The warm temperatures truly help mature the whiskies faster in barrels, giving them their own, signature flavor. Single Malts produced in Goa will taste far superior compared to similar age whiskies produced elsewhere in the world” claims Ashwin Balivada, Executive Director, Cheers Group.

“Distilled traditionally and leisurely (like the Goan Susegad way of life: relaxed and laid-back) and aged for years in oak casks, Three Monkeys Single Malt whisky is known for its excellence and going to make for a prized possession” adds Dr Divya Balivada, Global Creative Director, Cheers group.

Three Monkey’s name has since become synonymous with the concept of excellence through innovation. The brand’s award-winning series of competitions is a prime example. It won many prestigious gold medals at several competitions, including at SIP International awards in California, USA, and at New York International Spirits Competition, also bagged the “Best Indian Single-malt whisky Award”. You may take a Pledge of Swadeshi, to make the Nation an Economic Super Power. It will as well help the great Indian farmers. Taste the True Swadeshi Spirit. Cheers!