There is anti-BJP wave, country’s people want change: Pawar

Aurangabad: Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) chief Sharad Pawar on Wednesday claimed there is currently an “anti-BJP” wave and people of the country want a change considering results of the recent Assembly polls in Karnataka.

If this mindset of people continues, the country will witness a change in the forthcoming elections, Pawar said at a press meet here.

He also claimed that small incidents in Maharashtra were being given a “religious colour”, which was not a good sign.

The Lok Sabha elections are due in 2024, and the Maharashtra Assembly polls are also due in the later part of next year.

Pawar said, “Looking at the scenario, I think there is an anti-BJP wave going on. Considering the Karnataka election results, people are in the mood for a change. If this mentality of people continues, there will a change in the country in the forthcoming elections. There is no need of any astrologer to tell this.” Asked about the possibility that the Lok Sabha and Maharashtra Assembly polls may be held simultaneously, the NCP chief said many people from his party and allies are also of the same view.

“But, I don’t think so. Considering the results of the Karnataka Assembly polls, I don’t think rulers of the country will fall into a mess of conducting the state Assembly elections along with the Lok Sabha polls. They will only focus on the Lok Sabha polls,” Pawar said.

On the ‘Telangana model’ (of giving financial assistance to farmers) being promoted in Maharashtra, Pawar said, “The Telangana model has to be checked. But, Telangana is a small state and announcing such an aid in a small state can be done. But, I feel more funds should be spent on infrastructure works (related to farming).” Asked about the law and order situation and some incidents of violence in Maharashtra in the recent past, Pawar claimed “religious colour” was being given to some small issues in the state.

“The rulers are responsible to establish law and order in the state. If the ruling parties and their people come out on roads over it and create a rift between two religions, then it is not a good sign,” he said.

If a poster (of some person) is shown in Aurangabad, why there is a need for violence in Pune. But it is being made to happen, he claimed.

“Recently we heard about Ahmednagar. Today, I saw a news from Kolhapur. People came out on roads, and giving religious colour to a small incident of sending message over phone is not a good sign. The ruling parties are encouraging such things,” Pawar alleged.

Asked who is his favourite minister at the Centre in view of the Narendra Modi government having completed nine years, Pawar said, “There are some whose work is indisputable. For example, Nitin Gadkari. He doesn’t keep a party angle (in his work). If we take an issue to him, he checks its importance and not the person telling about it.” The NCP chief also expressed concern over agriculture-related issues in the state.

“The situation of cotton producing farmers is serious. Cotton has to be purchased. It it is not done, farmers have to decide to come out on road and the NCP will be behind them,” he said.

Pawar said the government’s perspective is not as positive as it has to be.

The quota (for export) is not decided and on the other side, sugar prices are coming down. The ongoing economics is not beneficial for agriculture producers, he said.