Stalin slams Modi’s ‘daily lies, hourly hatred

Chennai: Tamil Nadu CM and DMK chief MK Stalin Saturday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of employing “cheap tactics” to stoke confrontations between states as his “propaganda of communal hatred” failed to benefit the BJP during campaigning for the ongoing Lok Sabha elections.

“The irresponsible speeches of the PM and the silence of the Election Commission in curbing them are being watched by the citizens of the country with shock and dismay,” Stalin said.

Attacking Modi for his “imaginary tales and bags of lies”, Stalin alluded to the PM’s allegations that leaders from southern states were speaking derogatorily about people of Uttar Pradesh, and said that Modi “has forgotten the dignity of the Prime Minister’s office, spreading a new lie each day – sowing seeds of hatred every hour.”

At a rally recently, Modi had alleged that the SP and the Congress’s southern allies insulted UP and the Sanatan Dharma but both the two parties were silent.

Pointing out that Tamil Nadu and other social justice-oriented political parties have demanded the removal of the 50% ceiling on reservations for the backward, downtrodden, and oppressed Scheduled Tribes, Stalin said this demand is now being raised at the national level, which has been supported by the Congress and the INDIA bloc.

“Has PM Modi ever spoken about or given any guarantee on this matter, which would be immensely beneficial to the people of Uttar Pradesh? No. But he is quick to engage in spreading hatred,” Stalin said.

Stalin accused the BJP of supporting and encouraging fake news and cited the example of YouTuber Manish Kashyap.

Kashyap, who joined the BJP last month, was arrested by the Tamil Nadu police last year for allegedly circulating fake videos about attacks on migrant workers from Bihar.

Modi’s “hateful propaganda has failed and he has nothing to boast of in the last 10 years of his government”, Stalin said, adding that as the PM has “dared to belittle the welfare schemes implemented in states ruled by the Opposition parties, he has revealed himself as the enemy of the poor”.

Countering Modi’s claims that Tamil Nadu’s Vidiyal Payanam scheme, offering free bus travel for women, had negatively impacted passenger traffic on metro trains, Stalin said that the scheme benefits millions of people daily. “The scheme has provided freedom of travel and uplifted women in many ways,” he said.

Stalin said that listening to Modi’s speeches, one wonders: “What’s the price of truth per kilogram?”

Citing statistics, the CM said, “Chennai Metro ridership has increased from 32.8 million in 2019 to 91.1 million in 2023” and accused Modi of blocking the Phase-II expansion of Chennai Metro by not releasing funds.

Due to his right-wing, regressive ideology, Stalin said, “Modi is reluctant to support women-centric schemes. He fears women’s advancement and social growth.” Stalin asserted that “the BJP’s divisive dreams will never succeed, lies will be shattered, and hatred will be banished. India will prevail”.