‘Ram Ayenge’ and ‘Yug Ram Raj ka’ new favourite caller tunes of Ayodhya locals

Ayodhya: Ring up any local in Ayodhya and be greeted with songs composed in reverence of Lord Ram set on caller tunes. Ahead of the consecration ceremony in Ayodhya, the name of Lord Ram has taken over mobile caller tunes and social media.

It is not just the streets of Ayodhya that have got immersed in the spirit of Lord Ram, a large number of people have also changed their caller tunes or ring tones to ‘Ram Dhun’ such as ‘Yug Ram Raj ka’ and ‘Ram Aaye Hain Ayodhya Mein’.

Social media users, particularly those on Instagram, also are setting popular songs like ‘Ram Aayenge’ on their story feeds.

“Entire Ayodhya — from temples to buses, and from streets to mobile phones — is getting immersed in the spirit of Lord Ram,” said Ajitesh Shukla, who works at a guest house located near Asharfi Bhawan.

He has changed his mobile’s caller tune to ‘Hari Anant Hari Katha’ from the film ‘Aadipurush’.

“My manager also changed the caller tune on his phone about a month ago. But, most people have done it in the past 10 days or so when the ‘Pran Pratishtha’ date drew nearer,” Shukla told PTI.

Even the e-buses plying between Ayodhya city and old Faizabad town, play the popular song ‘Ram Aayenge’. An LED board near the driver’s seat displays in Hindi and English, the message: ‘Welcome to Ayodhya’.

“The Ram Dhun started playing in these buses from January 1. Every passenger gets to feel this new spirit of Ayodhya,” said Hari Om Pandey, a college student here.

Anil Pandey, who works at Ayodhya District Women’s Hospital, recently changed the caller tune in sync with the remarkable religious fervour that has gripped the temple town.

“Ring tones or caller tunes of around 80 per cent of people have become ‘Rammayi’. You call anyone, known or unknown, chances are you will hear some Ram Dhun and the popular one here is ‘Ram Aayenge’,” he said.

His phone’s caller tune is set to the now viral song ‘Jai Shri Ram (‘Yug Ram Raj ka’)’. “My family members and friends have also changed their caller tunes to this one. Every time a phone rings in Ayodhya, Lord Ram’s name gets invoked,” Pandey said.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s national spokesperson Vinod Bansal said Lord Ram has found an abode in the heart of the youths much before entering the sanctum sanctorum of the grand new temple.

The new idol of Lord Ram sculpted by Mysuru-based Arun Yogiraj entered the sanctum sanctorum of the new Ram temple on Thursday afternoon. Currently, a cloth has been put over the eyes of the deity as per the requirements of the pre-consecration ceremony rituals.

“It is amazing the way youths are getting excited about the ‘Pran Pratishtha’ and the fervour with which they have embraced it,” Bansal told PTI.

Deepak Kumar, a resident of Ayodhya district, said that people started setting their phone’s caller tune to songs composed in reverence to Lord Ram from the day the consecration ceremony date was announced.

“If you call anyone, in nearly 50 per cent of cases you will find these songs set as caller tunes. This has happened recently,” he told PTI.

Pundarik Gupta of Saryu Lodge located near Ram temple site, points to the bow and arrow-themed lighting on the rooftop of the lodge as he warms himself by a bonfire at night. ‘Jai Shri Ram’ glows at night and one can see it even from a long distance.

His business card carries the image of the new Ram temple and anyone calling him can hear the soulful tune of ‘Ram Aaye Hain Ayodhya Mein’.