Quality gets better mkt, need to change country’s mindset about quality: Goyal

New Delhi: Asserting that quality gets better market, Consumer Affairs Minister Piyush Goyal on Wednesday stressed the need to change the country’s mindset about the quality of products and services.

Addressing the 44th plenary meeting of International Standard Organisation (ISO) Technical Committee on Consumer Policy, Goyal said, “Quality is not an abstract term. Quality is not for goods alone but how you provide service. Quality is omnipresent.” .

“Quality is what consumers are demanding today. Good quality can have an influence on our economy, ability to attract investments, international trade…,” he said.

He said, “We must adopt new technologies like IoT, AI and Machine Learning. We must look at upskilling and retraining our workforce to be able to meet the needs of Industry 4.0.”

Speaking on the importance of world trade, Goyal said that we must acknowledge that we need to engage with the world to develop. We need to globalize trade and get the best from the world while simultaneously giving the best to the World.

He said that we must focus on Green Energy, reducing emissions, generating consciousness about cleanliness and other SDG Goals contributing towards a better future for our children and Utilise PLIs to strengthen MSME ecosystem.

Referring to the theme of the event, ‘Excellence in Manufacturing’ Goyal observed that Excellence in manufacturing is not new to India. He said that although there is no sector in which India does not have high-quality manufacturing, we as a society still live in two worlds – one which is highly quality conscious and another which is still not sensitized to the value of high quality.

Goyal said we need to change this mindset of two quality standards for domestic and international markets and must not compromise with quality.

Goyal said that FICCI can play an important role in taking the message of quality to the MSME sector through their partnership with other associations across the country.

Stressing the need to expand our engagement with international markets, the Commerce Minister noted that the world wants to engage with India. He cited the example of Saudi Arabia which he said is looking for India’s partnership in nearly 30 sectors including Pharma, Mining, Infrastructure Fintech, EdTech, HealthTech & education. Medical devices, E-gaming and e-Commerce are areas in which they want Indian expertise. He urged the Industry to grab these opportunities.

He said that if we collectively focus our energies on the 5 Pran that Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave us, we can be a developed nation in the next 25 years and bring prosperity to every single home through the length and breadth of the country.