President Murmu highlights Railways’ semi-high speed trains, track electrification

New Delhi: President Droupadi Murmu, in her address to the joint sitting of Parliament on Wednesday, emphasised on the various new initiatives taken by the Indian Railways in the past 10 years.

Besides highlighting the new trains such as Namo Bharat, Amrit Bharat and Vande Bharat, Murmu said more than 25 thousand kilometres of railway tracks have been laid, which is more than the total length of railway tracks in many developed countries.

“India is very close to 100 per cent electrification of railways,” Murmu said.

She emphasised the fact that semi-high speed trains have been started for the first time in India.

“Today Vande Bharat trains are running on more than 39 routes,” Murmu said, adding that more than 1300 railway stations are being transformed under Amrit Bharat Station Scheme.

She spoke about a 50 per cent discount offered by the Railways on every passenger.

“Due to this, the poor and middle class passengers save Rs 60 thousand crore every year,” she added.