PM means Panauti Modi: Rahul at Rajasthan rally

Jaipur: “PM means Panauti Modi,” Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said at an election rally in Rajasthan on Tuesday insinuating that Prime Minister Narendra Modi brings bad luck.

Referring to India’s loss in the cricket world cup final against Australia, Gandhi used the term associated with bad luck. The word ‘panauti’ has been trending on social media since the defeat in the match, attended by Prime Minister Modi at the Ahmedabad stadium named after him.

Gandhi alleged Modi diverts people’s attention while industrialist Adani picks their pockets.

He said Modi “comes on TV and says ‘Hindu- Muslim’ and sometimes goes to a cricket match. It is a different matter that the match was lost. Panauti.”

“PM means Panauti Modi,” Gandhi continued.

Addressing the rally in Baytoo in Balotra ahead of the November 25 assembly polls, the Congress leader also alleged Modi waived loans of big industrialists and gave them all advantages.

Earlier in the day, Gandhi addressed another election rally in Vallabhnagar in Udaipur.