Need to convert monopoly in technology into mass usage: PM Modi at G7 Outreach summit

Rome: Calling for efforts to ensure that the benefits of technology reach all sections of society, unleashing the potential of every individual and helping eliminate social inequalities, PM Narendra Modi said at the G7 summit that the global community must turn monopoly in technology into access for all.

“This should not just be our desire, but our responsibility,” he said. For technology to be successful, it has to be underpinned by a human-centric approach, Modi stressed at the G7 outreach session on AI and energy as he cited India’s success in leveraging digital technology for public service delivery.

“We must make technology creative, not destructive. Only then will we be able to lay the foundation of an inclusive society,’’ he added.

According to an official statement, talking of India’s AI Mission premised on “AI for All”, Modi emphasised that the technology should be aimed at fostering progress and well-being of all. With this in mind, India was fostering international collaboration as a founding member of Global Partnership for AI, Modi said while addressing the outreach session on Artificial Intelligence, Energy, Africa and the Mediterranean.

The PM said it was a matter of great satisfaction for him to be attending the summit after his re-election in the “largest democratic exercise in the history of humankind”.

The PM also called for giving priority to the concerns of the Global South, in particular Africa. He recalled that it was a matter of honour for India that African Union was admitted as a permanent member of the G20 under its presidency.

On the elections in India, Modi said the entire process had been made fair and transparent by the ubiquitous use of technology, while calling the return of his govt a victory of democracy. “And, it is my good fortune that the people of India have given me the opportunity to serve them for the third consecutive time. This has happened for the first time in India in the last six decades. The blessings that the people of India have given in the form of this historic victory is the victory of democracy. It is the victory of the entire democratic world,’’ he said.

The PM said India’s approach in the energy sector was based on four principles — availability, accessibility, affordability and acceptability. India is the first country to fulfil all the commitments taken under COP before time, he said.

“PM elaborated on India’s energy transition pathway, noting that its approach was based on availability, accessibility, affordability and acceptability. He mentioned that India was working towards achieving the target of net zero by 2070. Alluding to India’s Mission LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment), he called upon the global community to join the tree plantation campaign launched by him on World Environment Day – “Plant4Mother” (Ek Pedh Maa Ke Naam) and make it a mass movement with personal touch and global responsibility,’’ the govt said.