Nations can be tested by neighbours like Lord Rama was by Parashurama: S Jaishankar

Thiruvananthapuram:  External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Saturday drew analogies from the epic Ramayana to explain diplomatic situations.

He said that nations can be tested by their neighbours, much like Lord Rama was tested by Parshurama.

Just as Lord Rama needed a Lakshmana, every country needs strong, almost brother-like friendships, he said.

Jaishankar was delivering the third P Parameswaranji Memorial Lecture organised by the Bharatheeya Vichara Kendram (BVK), a prominent Sangh Parivar outfit, here.

Quoting episodes from the epic, he said Lord Rama passed the big test of bending the bow, and in today’s world, countries also undergo similar tests.

“That is exactly what happens to nations when nations rise. Let us look at our own country. By having a strong economy, we passed a test. By carrying out a nuclear test and developing a nuclear arsenal, we pass another test. It’s like stringing a bow, a nuclear bow. It may be a technology test,” he said.

“We may be tested like Rama was tested by Parashuram. So we may be tested in other situations. Nations can be tested by neighbours,” the External Affairs Minister said.

He also drew parallels between the relationship of Lord Rama with his brother Lakshmana and the relationships between countries worldwide.

“What does Rama need? He needs a Lakshmana. A Lakshmana, when the situation demands, can make your resolve firmer. When the situation demands, when Lord Rama is angry, he can make him cool. He strengthened his resolve when Sita was abducted. So, every country needs solid, almost brother-like friends,” the minister explained.

Terming epic character Hanuman as a “great diplomat”, he said everybody knows how he conducted himself and made good assessments.

He also said those nations who are arrogant and believe that they are so strong that nobody can defeat them, are like Ravana.

“Ravana got a boon saying nobody could defeat him except human beings. Because he thought they don’t matter,” he said.

Big powers have been brought down or have been contested by people who they thought ‘oh these people don’t matter’, he added.

Discovering our own strength is part of Viksit Bharat, Jaishankar added.