Manipur’s oldest militant group UNLF signs peace pact with govt, Amit Shah says ‘historic milestone’

New Delhi: The United National Liberation Front (UNLF), an extremist group operating in Manipur, on Wednesday signed a peace agreement with the government and agreed to renounce violence, Union Home Minister Amit Shah announced here.

The UNLF is the oldest Imphal valley-based armed group in Manipur.

“A historic milestone achieved!!! Modi govt’s relentless efforts to establish permanent peace in the Northeast have added a new chapter of fulfilment as the United National Liberation Front signed a peace agreement today in New Delhi.

“UNLF, the oldest valley-based armed group of Manipur, has agreed to renounce violence and join the mainstream. I welcome them to the democratic processes and wish them all the best in their journey on the path of peace and progress,” Shah said in a post on X.

The peace agreement with the UNLF by the government of India and the government of Manipur marks the end of a six-decade-long armed movement, Shah said.

“It is a landmark achievement in realising PM @narendramodi Ji’s vision of all-inclusive development and providing a better future to the youths in Northeast India,” he said.