John Rider Single-malt whisky Masters Taste Challenge!

Panaji (Goa): With over six varied expressions of Indian Single-malt whiskies under its belt and having bagged over 100 grand awards globally, Dr Mohan Krishna led Cheers group has re-defined the aging/maturation process and mastered the art and science of making Single-malt whiskies “Super-smooth” which is a rare feat of excellence in the world of whiskies.

Globally, Single-malt whiskies are a bit harsher-note as their 100% malt spirit is fully pronounced on your taste buds, unlike blended Scotch whiskies that majorly easily have neutral grain spirits and a touch of malt spirit in it for taste enhancer.

Cheers Group’s flagship copper-pot stills distilleries are located strategically on the Goa coastline and have the unique climate of moderate hot summers and pleasant winters enabling to development of rich complex-flavoured Single-malt whiskies within just a few years of exemplary maturation process.

“Blow hot & blow cold sea winds of Goa during summers and winters helps our Single Malt whiskies to extract the flavour compounds from the oak barrels much more quickly and extends the breathing-in process making the whisky more mellow, smooth, and creamier in taste,” says Dr Mohan Krishna, founder of Cheers group, who had also a stint with McKinsey during his senior positions held with multi-national liquor companies before his entrepreneurial journey.

“John Rider is classic and very approachable tasting Single-malt Indian whisky that offers both exceptional quality and friendly pricing” opines Ashwin Balivada, CEO of Cheers group, who mastered Business Management from Cambridge University.

John Rider is a full-bodied, deep amber Single-malt Indian whisky that is both complex and approachable. The whisky is triple-distilled from 100% Indian malted barley and matured leisurely in American bourbon casks, before combining and finishing in Champagne casks, creating a whisky rich in dried fruit and nut flavors to give a smooth edge taste.

“Beyond a doubt, John Rider decanter is a sophisticated and luxurious masterwork of glass art design. And, finding the perfect decanter for life’s special celebrations is crucial,” claims Dr. Divya Balivada, Global Creative Director, Cheers Group, who acquired business talent from Edinburgh University Scotland.

“We kick off our series of decanter stories with ground-breaking heritage of excellence, the John Rider Single malt whisky, which is incredibly special,” adds Ashwin.

John Rider decanter comes with an element of surprise: the gentle curvature of the base amplifies the sculptural quality of the craftworks. A great whisky in a decanter at a stunning price. Cheers!