ISRO gifts tears of joy to mankind 

(D. Nagarjuna)


India, for all the good reasons, has captured the world’s headlines with a remarkable achievement for everyone to be proud of.


Our country has enabled every one of us to feel elated after the successful landing of Chandrayaan 3. I was keenly monitoring this project not only because a close relative of mine is a part of this project and whose hard work and commitment were something we could personally see from time to time, but also for the sheer excitement it has created all over the world. A typical Indian always gears up for a second line of defense in his day-to-day life to ensure that the task is accomplished come what may. The same thing was replicated in Chandrayaan 3 with multiple defenses to ensure that this time there is no question of failure, come what may. It is this determination that needs to be further channelized and let us all hope that the research findings of this project help mankind in this changing world.


MAN ON MOON was the big banner line when Neil Armstrong put foot on July 16th, 1969 on the childhood marvel of this great satellite to Earth. As kids, the first thing a mother would do during the night is the sighting of the moon and the stories behind it to ensure the sumptuous intake of food by the child with a morsel or two going into her belly too. This practice continues, albeit on a lower keel. I vividly remember as a 13-year-old student going through various newspapers I was privileged to have over half a dozen papers in English, Telugu, and even Urdu at home, (courtesy my father being a journalist) and I can recall the excitement we had and the entire discussion was nothing but man on moon and moon and nothing else. What was unimaginable became reality 54 years ago and today India has caught up with that speaks volumes of slow but sure success in science and technology.


In addition, we did not lag behind other countries in exploring Mars having reached its orbit in 2014. Hopefully, India will do something different and out of the box in future space explorations. This project has proved that what could be achieved in billions can be done in millions of dollars provided we go with the grit and focus that is essential.


Space projects are no longer privy to only those moneyed countries but with private partners joining the project, it is only a matter of time before we become a superpower in explorations all above the sky. India is emerging as a role model for the less privileged nations to shed their pseudo-psychological belief that a country needs to be rich to achieve the unachievable. India has exploded that myth. It is not only dollars that are needed but what is needed is the application of mind as to how to get the best out of the best within economic limitations. That is why Phil Cosby said, “Quality is free”. India has proved that to save the cost of fuel, it has made the Chandrayaan go in circles and take more time and didn’t mind that because ISRO believed in the adage “slow and steady wins the race.”


The international media well known for always showing India in tears and poor light will see us all in tears of joy in the glowing light of success. The pride penetrates every Indian irrespective of anything else. A proud moment and the kick will stay till such time when we break our record.