Introspection time for voters in 2024!

(D Nagarjuna)

There is already a talk that if NDA makes it, Modi as PM will pave the way to Yogi after two years as he would be touching 75.

Many apprehend that if it happens, it would be like jumping from a frying pan into a fire. When Modi was elected in 2014, people became very hopeful mainly because they found Modi an honest person, but also someone who would fight corruption tooth and nail.

That did not happen but yet people brought him back in 2019 because they thought, perhaps, one term may not be sufficient but gave him another five years so that everything gets settled, not to speak of an increase in vote percentage of BJP.

But to the dismay of the people, they were shocked to see the way BJP precisely indulged in the very same corruption amalgamating in the same way that INC did and because of this, the latter was thrown away mercilessly. The latest is the CAG’s remarks on Ayushman Bharat or Highway projects to cite an example.

With too many issues starting from demonetization, Adani, Braj Bhushan, China, Ladakh, and now Manipur, people are wondering whether we have put ourselves on fire. The way Madhya Pradesh, Goa, Maharashtra, and even Karnataka governments were toppled gave a lot of suspicion of corruption at peak for achieving this. In the beginning, when Modi was brought, people never thought of a frying pan let alone fire.

Will voters now think of ‘once bitten twice shy’ and apply their mind before exercising their franchise in 2024? Will they go for the known devil of UPA alias I.N.D.I.A now or get sandwiched between the two? Or will they think of an unknown angel or go with a known devil be it BJP or INC-led fronts? Or will they test someone out of the box and experiment as they are vexed with both INDIA and NDA?

In the manner BJP is moving, many are now believing that there would be radical changes if it comes back to power in 2024 and that there would be no elections whatsoever after that as all the four pillars would be reined and no surprise if China and Russia are seen in India. As we see the emergence of all such Bills (the Delhi Bill, the latest one being introduced on EC to cite a few), it can be deduced that powers are being usurped for political dominance rather than the interest of the people at large. The repercussions could be India may go the way USSR split and don’t be surprised if we need a visa to visit Delhi (like how YSR once said one needs a visa to go to Hyderabad during peak Telangana agitation) or any state or like EU we may have IU.

Strange things are being foreseen as democracy gets diluted with no fat content in it. We have reached a stage where every voter is made to understand the pros and cons of what would be in store in the government they tend to vote for.

The voter has to work harder this time and just cannot shirk with an escapist NOTA but rather come up with conviction with the preparedness of reaping the benefits or facing the consequences arising out of the future government. Pessimism and negativity should not frustrate the voter who should undergo antara madhanam and if convinced, influence the gullible, ignorant, and otherwise innocent fellow beings so that our country is a true democracy in letter and spirit. (The views expressed by the author is his personal and certainly not of your website.)