Indian American confirmed by US Senate to be Ambassador at Large for Global Women’s Issues

Washington: Indian American Geeta Rao Gupta has been confirmed by the US Senate as the Ambassador at Large for Global Women’s Issues in the State Department.

The department in a tweet on Friday said it is looking forward to her efforts to promote women and girls’ rights through US foreign policy. Gupta was confirmed by the US Senate by 51 to 47 votes early this week.

According to Gupta, there are many inequities and indignities that women suffer around the world, which hold them back from participating fully in the economy.

“They are subject to threats to their safety and have a fear of violence even on a daily basis, and that determines their mobility.

“In situations of conflict and emergencies and humanitarian crises they are particularly vulnerable, both in terms of their safety but also in terms of their being able to look after their families and feed their families,” she said during her confirmation hearing last year.