India sees itself as ‘vishwamitr,’ world calls the country a friend, says Modi

Hyderabad:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said India sees itself as a “vishwamitr”, and that the world calls the country a friend.

Addressing an event at Kanha Shanti Vanam, located about 50 km from here, the prime minister also said the country faced immense loss when those who enslaved it in the past attacked its “original strength” — traditions like yoga, knowledge and Ayurveda.

He said history proves that when and wherever slavery arrived, the original strength of that society was targeted.

“Those who enslaved India attacked its traditions like yoga and Ayurveda. There were many such significant traditions and they were attacked and this caused immense loss to the country,” the Prime Minister said. “But times are changing, so is India. This is the ‘Amrit Kaal’ (75 years) of independence. Whatever decisions are taken by Indians, the work we do will determine the future of the coming generations.” He recalled his ‘Panch Pran’ declaration from the ramparts of the Red Fort on August 15 this year — resolving for a developed India, removing any trace of the colonial mindset, taking pride in our legacy and unity and fulfilling the duties of all.

In the past 10 years, the government has strived to empower the country’s cultural legacy in every way, he said, adding that whether it is with regard to yoga or Ayurveda, today India is being talked about as a knowledge hub.

Due to the country’s efforts, the UN declared June 21 International Yoga Day, he recalled.

He further said that for ensuring a developed India, we need to focus on four pillars that include women and youth.

“The poor, fishermen, farmers, students, youth…their empowerment is the need of the hour and fulfilling their aspiration is one among the top priorities of the government,” he said.

Earlier people had to run around government offices to avail benefits but today the government is reaching beneficiaries, the PM stated. He said the fruits of development should reach all and nobody should be left behind.

Modi further said India that India sees itself as a “vishwamitr” — a friend of the world.

“A developing India sees itself as ‘vishwamitr’. The way we stood with the world after corona (the covid pandemic), today I don’t need to tell the world that India is your friend; the world says India is our friend,” he said.

Modi was apparently referring to the country dispatching covid-19 vaccines produced by domestic firms to several countries after the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020.