India leads in content creation on Wikimedia in South Asia region

New Delhi: India leads in content creation in the South Asia region, accounting for over 70 per cent of the region’s information on Wikimedia projects, non-profit organisation Wikimedia Foundation said on Friday.

Wikimedia Foundation, the entity behind Wikipedia, said that India has witnessed a commendable 13 per cent growth in content related to women on Wikimedia projects since 2021, with 19 per cent of all content in Indian Wikimedia projects dedicated to women.

The foundation shared that India, with the fourth-highest number of Wikipedia page views globally (1.3 billion per month), has emerged as a key player in the efforts to bridge gender gaps.

”The country boasts the third-largest number of contributors to English Wikipedia, trailing only the US and the UK. Furthermore, India leads in content creation within the South Asia region, contributing over 70 per cent of the region’s information on Wikimedia projects,” the Foundation said in a statement.

Wikimedia ran a ”Wikipedia Needs More Women” campaign to increase women contributor for the platform as well as increase women related content across the world.

The foundation said that India emerged as a key contributor to Wikimedia Foundation’s ”Wikipedia Needs More Women” campaign, striving to narrow gender gaps in online knowledge.

”It is inspiring to see the progress made in India to improve gender equity on Wikipedia and beyond. As one of the world’s top resources for information, it’s critical for Wikipedia to represent the full, rich diversity of all humanity. When more people from India contribute to Wikipedia, we move closer to achieving this vision,” Masana Mulaudzi, Senior Manager of Campaign Organizing at the Wikimedia Foundation said.