INDIA bloc will foil its attempt to scrap Constitution: Rahul Gandhi

Bhagalpur: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday accused the ruling BJP at the Centre of trying to “scrap” the Constitution, but vowed that the opposition bloc INDIA would foil its attempt.

Addressing an election rally in Bhagalpur, his first in Bihar, Gandhi also scoffed at the claims of the BJP that it will win more than 370 seats in the Lok Sabha elections, asserting that “their tally will not go past 150.”

“These BJP people have kept saying that they will secure this many or that many seats. Let me make it clear: they (BJP) won’t get more than 150 seats. Not even a single seat more than 150,” he said.

“The INDIA bloc is fighting to save democracy and the Constitution, which the BJP-RSS combine is trying to scrap,” Gandhi continued.

The former Congress president also alleged, “Whatever the country’s poor, Dalits and tribals have got, it is because of the Constitution. If the Constitution is scrapped, all things will come to an end.”

Notably, in March, Rahul claimed that the “ultimate goal of Narendra Modi and the BJP is to destroy Babasaheb’s Constitution” after BJP MP Anantkumar Hegde’s statement that the party needs a two-thirds majority to amend the Constitution.

Meanwhile, Gandhi also charged the Narendra Modi government with being pro-super rich, claiming that “under its rule, merely 22 people hold wealth that is equivalent to what 70 percent of the population has. We want to change that.”

He also spoke about promises made by the Congress in its manifesto, like scrapping the ‘Agniveer’ scheme and the right to apprenticeship.

“As soon as the INDIA alliance government comes, we will end the Agniveer scheme. India does not need two types of martyrs. Everyone should get a pension,” he said.

The Congress leader promised to implement a minimum tax after coming to power. “We will change GST. There will be one tax, the minimum tax. We will double the salary of Asha and Anganwadi workers,” he said.

He also promised to waive off farmers’ debts and provide a guaranteed minimum support price to the farmers after the INDIA bloc came to power.

“We are giving two guarantees to the farmers. The Congress party is going to waive off the farmers’ debts, and secondly, we are going to provide a guaranteed minimum support price to the farmers of India,” he said.

Rahul also promised that his government would provide all graduates and diploma holders in India with the right to an apprenticeship. He added that under the right to apprenticeship, each person will receive an apprenticeship in the public, private, and government sectors for one year with a salary and if they perform well, they will secure a permanent job.