Govern and elections would take care of themselves: Garcetti’s advice to politicians

Washington: As the two largest democracies of the world hits the election cycle ahead of the next year’s presidential elections in the US and parliamentary polls in India, politician-turned-diplomat Eric Garcetti believes that the politicians need to focus on leadership and governance and the elections would take care of them.

“I love elections, and maybe it’s because I’ve been in many of them. But it’s a moment where the people get to prove that they’re in control, that it’s not the top down, it’s the bottom up in our countries; a moment to listen to candidates, hear what they’re going to say, and make a decision based on what’s in your own best interest,” US Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti told PTI in an interview.

Garcetti is currently in the US for consultations with Biden administration officials, a month after the historic State visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and before the upcoming presidential trip to India for the G20 Summit. Both India and the United States are headed into an election cycle. While the parliamentary elections are scheduled to be held in April-May, the presidential polls in the US are scheduled to hit in January with the primaries.