Exit polls predict edge for Cong in Chhattisgarh, Telangana; advantage BJP in MP, Rajasthan

New Delhi: Most exit polls on Thursday predicted an edge to the Congress in Chhattisgarh and Telangana while forecasting that it was advantage BJP in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Pollsters also indicated that in Mizoram, Zoram People’s Movement (ZPM) was locked in a close race with the Mizo National Front (MNF) with the Congress and the BJP lagging behind.

While the BJP is in power in the 230-member Madhya Pradesh assembly, the Congress is ruling Rajasthan (200) and Chhattisgarh (90). In Telangana, the K Chandrashekhar Rao-led Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) has been in power since 10 years and in Mizoram, the MNF is in government.

Elections to the five states took place between November 7-November 30 and the counting of votes would take place on December 3.

In Madhya Pradesh, while Jan Ki Baat exit poll predicted that the BJP would get 100-123 seats and the Congress 102-125, Republic TV-Matrize forecast 118-130 seats for the BJP and 97-107 for the Congress.

TV9 Bharatvarsh Polstrat said the BJP would get 106-116 and the Congress would get 111-121.

Today’s Chanakya, however, predicted a massive victory for the BJP in Madhya Pradesh, forecasting that the BJP would get 151 (plus minus 12 seats) and the Congress 74 (plus minus 12 seats).

Jist-TIF-NAI said the Congress was enjoying 2018-like edge in Madhya Pradesh, predicting 107-124 seats for the party as against the BJP’s 102-119.

In Rajasthan, India Today-Axis My India forecast a tight race, predicting 86-106 seats for the Congress, 80-100 seats for the BJP and others 9-18.

Jan Ki Baat pollsters forecast that the BJP would get 100-122 and 62-85 for the Congress, TV9 Bharatvarsh Polstrat predicted 100-110 for the BJP and 90-100 for the Congress.

Times Now ETG poll predicts 108-128 seats for the BJP and 56-72 for the Congress in Rajasthan.

Jist-TIF-NAI predicted that in Rajasthan there would be continuation of the state’s revolving door tradition, forecasting 110 seats for the BJP and the Congress 70.

For Chhattisgarh, while ABP News-C Voter predicted 36-48 seats for the BJP and 41-53 for the Congress, India Today-Axis My India forecast 36-46 seats for the BJP and 40-50 seats for the Congress.

India TV-CNX forecast 30-40 seats for the BJP and 46-56 seats for the Congress. According to Jan Ki Baat, the BJP would get 34-45 and the Congress would get 42-53.

Today’s Chanakya predicted that the BJP would get 33 seats (plus-minus 8 seats) and the Congress would bag a clear majority 57 seats (plus-minus 8).

For Telangana, while India TV-CNX forecast 63-79 seats for the Congress, 31-47 for the BRS, 2-4 for the BJP and 5-7 for the AIMIM, Jan Ki Baat forecast that the Congress would get 48-64 seats, the BRS would get 40-55, BJP 7-13 and AIMIM 4-7.

Republic TV-Matrize predicted that in Telangana, the Congress would get 58-68 seats, BRS 46-56, BJP 4-9 and AIMIM 5-9. TV9 Bharatvarsh Polstrat stated that the Congress would get 49-59 seats and the BRS would get 48-58.

In Mizoram, while India TV-CNX said the MNF would get 14-18, ZPM 12-16, Congress 8-10 and BJP 0-2, ABP News-C Voter said MNF would get 15-21, ZPM 12-18 and Congress 2-8.

Jan Ki Baat said the MNF would get 10-14 seats, ZPM 15-25 seats, Congress 5-9 and the BJP 0-2.