Cong will conduct caste census in Rajasthan if it retains power: Rahul

Jaipur: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said a caste census will be conducted in Rajasthan if his party retains power in the state.

Addressing rallies in poll-bound Rajasthan’s Dholpur and Bharatpur, Gandhi also slammed the introduction of the Agnipath scheme, saying it has shattered the dreams of lakhs of youth who wanted to defend the nation.

“The first thing that the Congress will do after returning to power in Rajasthan is conduct a caste census. It will also be conducted at the national level after the Congress comes to power at the Centre,” Gandhi said.

A caste census is necessary as the country’s Dalits and people belonging to backward classes should know their real numbers, he said.

Gandhi said the big question is how wealth is being distributed in the country today.

He said, “Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi used to call himself an OBC but as soon as I demanded a caste census, he started saying there is only one caste in the country — the poor.” The Congress leader further accused Modi, billionaire industrialist Gautam Adani and Union Home Minister Amit Shah of picking people’s pockets.

“PM Modi diverts attention, Gautam Adani picks people’s pockets and Amit Shah wields the lathi,” Gandhi said.

At the rally in Bharatpur’s Nadbai, he said, “Modi comes from the front. He is seen on TV and diverts your attention by talking about Hindu-Muslim. Adani comes from behind and picks your pockets. Amit Shah watches from the other side with a stick. This is how the government of India is running.” Modi is seen on TV channels round the clock because Adani owns them, the former Congress chief said.

“He gives your money to Adani, he gives him airports, ports, roads and cement plants. He makes the law for him and ordered demonetisation,” he added.

Targeting the BJP government over the Agnitpath scheme for recruitment in the armed forces, Gandhi said Modi has shattered the dreams of youths who want to serve the nation.

“Whatever we do, we do it for the poor people and Modi does everything for two or three big industrialists. You have to decide whether you want Adani’s government or the government of common people,” Gandhi told the gathering.

During the UPA rule, Gandhi said, Modi used to criticise the government saying that a cooking gas cylinder cost Rs 400.

“Today, it costs Rs 1,200 but Modi does not say a word,” he said.

Assembly elections in Rajasthan will be held on November 25 and the votes will be counted on December 3.