Cong departure from Rajasthan necessary for quick implementation of govt schemes: PM Modi

Jaipur: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday asserted that his guarantee outweighs all “false promises” made by the Congress, and asked the people of Rajasthan to wipe out the Ashok Gehlot government to free the state from oppression and corruption.

Modi’s guarantee, he said, begins from where the hope from Congress for the welfare of the poor and the public ends.

Addressing a public meeting in Dungarpur district, he said democracy has given the people of Rajasthan an opportunity to end the misrule of the Congress government and they should not let this opportunity go.

“Wipe out Congress and free Rajasthan from riots, crimes, and corruption. Congress departure is also necessary for quick implementation of Centre’s schemes,” he said.  He said that the Congress government has “committed scam” in every government recruitment in Rajasthan.

“There is such a business between Congress leaders and their close ones that their children became officers and your children are selectively thrown out,” he said.  He said people of Rajasthan should note it down that the Gehlot government will not return in the state.

Rajasthan goes to polls on November 25 and the results will be declared on December 3.