Cashew Fest: Goa’s Feni gets a makeover with Cocktail Dreams!

Panaji (Goa) Cheers group, Goa based India’s luxury spirits conglomerate, the producer of famous Kadamba single-malt whisky takes the age-old Feni to next level by launching refreshing Feni-coctails at the Goa government-initiated Cashew Fest at the capital’s sprawling campal grounds.

Cheers group launched Ready-to-Drink cocktails made with an indigenous cashew spirit, a Goan’s favourite tipple. The specially-infused varietal cocktail ingredients provides a beautiful aroma that complements Cashew Feni notes but keeps the intense fragrance of feni in check. These cocktails are smooth, fruity and tangy.

With several accolades under its belt, Cheers group’s mixologists researched concocting something new, teaching cocktail enthusiasts’ new tricks and sharing knowhow on balancing flavours to get that perfect cocktail.

Cashew Feni, believed to have originated in the state of Goa, and it is thought to have been invented by the Portuguese and is now a traditional drink synonymous with Goa just as Scotch is synonymous with Scotland, Tequila with Mexico, and Champagne with France!

“Cheers group is crafting cocktail variants that beautifully balances the Cashew Feni’s strong and fruity flavour for new generation enthusiasts and working to popularise the Goa’s very own Heritage drink to the world,” says Dr. Mohan Krishna, World’s first liquor marketing Doctorate and founder of Cheers group.

“Convenience is the king when it comes to ready-to-drinks (RTDs), our signature Cashew Feni cocktail is beyond the typical James Bond Martini, using pure Feni, tonic water, and lime with spice, all captured in a 250ml bottle with vibrant color and great fizz,” says Ashwin Balivada CEO of Cheers group.

“You can now enjoy the best Goan Feni as a five-star bar-quality cocktails served in a 250ml bottle, whatever the occasion, wherever you are,” affirms Dr. Krishna, “It combines our master distilled barrel aged Feni with perfect balance of craft cocktail recipes for a superior taste experience,” adds he.

“Our Cashew Feni RTDs are best enjoyed chilled, straight from the fridge, whether it’s memorable events, relaxing at home, entertaining friends or on the move, the pre-mix is skilfully crafted to showcase our refreshing cocktails” claims Ashwin.

“Each of our precious cocktail ingredients are chosen to bring their own special something to our uniquely distilled Cashew Feni, they come together to give our RTDs tantalising, smooth and complex taste” says Dr. Divya Balivada, Global Creative Director of Cheers group.

“Naturally, we all appreciate a classic Feni and cocktail recipes, however, variety is the spice of life, after all, and we have come up with a fabulous new twist to Goa’s very own Feni” adds Ashwin.

Cheers group’s cocktails are ultimate, crisp and refreshing, while still a touch boozy with super carbonated so that the bubbles almost sting your tongue and leap into your eyes. All of these things are inviting and thirst-inducing: It’s a Feni-tastic drink. Ahoy!