At least 24 killed in massive fire at gaming zone in Gujarat’s Rajkot

Ahmedabad: At least 24 people have lost their lives in a devastating fire at the TRP Gamezone in Rajkot on Saturday. The blaze produced plumes of smoke visible up to five kilometers away. Tragically, several of the deceased are believed to be children.

Local residents reported that over 30 children and their parents were trapped inside the gaming zone. The fire department arrived swiftly and successfully rescued many individuals.

Witnesses stated that the fire started with a massive explosion in the air conditioning unit, quickly filling the gaming zone with thick smoke. The blaze intensified rapidly due to a short circuit in the AC. Panic spread as people rushed to escape the flames and smoke.

Rajkot Police Commissioner Raju Bhargav said, “I cannot confirm the cause of the fire; it requires investigation. Rescue operations are in progress, with multiple fire engines deployed. We will consult with fire brigade officials to determine the necessary course of action.”

Fire official RA Joban remarked, “We cannot provide the exact number of casualties at this moment. Our teams are actively working to recover bodies, and the search operation is ongoing.”

Rajkot fire officer IV Kher added, “The cause of the fire is still unknown. Efforts to extinguish the blaze are ongoing. We have not received any reports of missing persons. The firefighting operation is challenging due to the collapse of the temporary structure and the high wind velocity.”

In response to the fire, the government has ordered all gaming zones across the state to cease operations immediately. Comprehensive inspections of fire safety measures will be conducted at all these sites.

Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel tweeted that city administration has been directed to conduct immediate rescue and relief operations at the game zone.

“Instructions have been given to the Municipal Corporation and the administration for prompt rescue and relief efforts following the fire incident at the game zone in Rajkot. Prioritizing the immediate treatment of the injured has been emphasized,” Patel tweeted.